We’re cultivating a space of togetherness to allow you to explore diverse holistic healing modalities that suit your journey.

Our Mission

At Hope & Way we’re committed to building a community that is dedicated to creating a space where healing is accessible, inclusive, and community-orientated.

Struggling with life’s challenges can be isolating, but you don’t have to feel alone. Whilst our experiences are uniquely our own, and everyone has their own journey, we can connect through our stories to find ways to support one another.

We’re cultivating a community where people of all walks of life can expand their mindfulness, recover from hardships and learn new ways to heal.

We strongly believe that wellness doesn’t have to look or feel a certain way, and each individual has to find the tools that work for them. To do so, we know that we’ve got to be open to all the possibilities and be endlessly curious about what we might learn next.

Here you’ll hear from real experts and everyday people as they share their holistic healing stories and you’re able to explore new possibilities for your wellbeing, completely judgement-free.

"Holistic healing is all about the journey, and everything you learn along the way. Above all else, we believe in the power of coming together and finding a sense of belonging."

Samara Al Badri, Founder of Hope & Way

Meet our founder

Hi! I’m Samara.

I created Hope & Way because it was exactly what I needed (and still need!) when I experienced monumental shifts in my life and struck out on my own holistic healing journey.

Born out of intention and connection, I wanted to create an inclusive space focused on holistic health and wellness because in my early 20s I dealt with anxiety, and toxic relationships. 

As I evolved (and combined with my increasing curiosity), I began to explore different healing practices and learned alternative ways to take care of myself.

I delved into spiritual practice, alternative medicine, and a holistic lifestyle. Practicing yoga led to other alternative modalities like Reiki, breathwork, inner child work practices, and somatic psychotherapy.

Since then, holistic living has become an integral part of my life to thrive and break free from my old thought patterns, anxiety, and depression. Allowing me to peel back the layers of self-doubt and fear, to (little by little) discover and uncover the real me.

And I am still committed to healing myself (with the help of some incredible mentors of course).

But after speaking to many people going through their own trauma or struggles, I realised there is a lack of accessible healing spaces that are truly inclusive and community-orientated.

Hope & Way is just the beginning.

As the blog and community flows inward, I hope to expand outward and reach as many people as possible through workshops, and retreats to share the experience of healing.


Are you ready to start your wellness journey?

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