Benefits of Working with a Shamanic Healer to Remove Negative Energy with Betina Strange

Benefits of Working with a Shamanic Healer to Remove Negative Energy with Betina Strange

If you keep finding yourself repeating negative or destructive patterns, there could be an imbalance of your energy. Working with a Shamanic healer can help you return to harmony from within. When we have imbalances on the inside, they can manifest as physical issues so working with a Shamanic healer can benefit you emotionally, mentally, and improve your overall physical wellness.

Betina Strange is a Shamanic healer who works intimately with her clients to identify the root of their issues and then executes a plan for healing to help them live more harmonious lives. You can learn more about Betina and her work here:



Benefits of Working with a Shamanic Healer to Remove Negative Energy with Betina Strange

About Betina:

My journey to becoming a shamanic healer has taken many turns and twists. I went to business school and had a successful career in the fashion industry for many years while practicing and studying various spiritual traditions at the same time. I lived in Asia for a number of years and studied the eastern philosophies, yoga, and meditation, and I trained as a yoga- and breathwork instructor, and a nutritional therapist. 

At the same time I was doing a training called Art of Dreaming which was rooted in Earth Wisdom and medicine wheel teachings.

When I returned to Europe, I got certified as a psychotherapist and coach. Having worked in leadership positions with teams for many years, I was very focused on bringing out people’s potential, inspiring, motivating and solving conflict. Combined with the indigenous wisdom, the psychology gave me a solid foundation, but I still felt like something was missing.

I’m a natural psychic, as a child I thought this was the normal way of perceiving the world, and I’ve always relied on my intuition in my work and life. As I immersed myself in the spiritual practices, the psychic abilities came more online, and I was led to a shamanic mentor who I’ve now trained and worked with for many years.

At that time shamanism wasn’t as well known as it is now, and I just had a vague idea about what it was, but I knew I had found my spiritual home. The combination of being deeply rooted in the Earth, completely present and in the body and at the same time connected to Source and the highest light, feels very meaningful and balanced.  

I then went on to study and train with other shamanic teachers as each teacher has different methods and teachings from different lineages, and I was drawn to becoming a quantum healer as it correlates with the shamanic work of journeying to other realms, times, places for the purpose of healing.

How Betina got into this field:

I never sought it out, in fact I think I avoided it for a long time. I remember saying to a psychic I worked with, that I just wanted an easy life – she couldn’t stop laughing at that, and I knew deep down that an “easy life” would never fulfill me.

I answered the calling to commit to the shamanic path because my life and career at a certain point just didn’t work anymore. I kept hitting brick walls, nothing worked out for me which is quite typical for the initiation of a shaman – she is stripped down and pushed out of the comfort zone to begin her own healing journey.

Another important factor was my own heritage. I’m adopted and my maternal line are Sami wise women who were persecuted and shunned for doing magic and healing work. I spent years doing ancestral work, and now redeem and honor my lineage by embracing and embodying my heritage and purpose. It’s a way of making their dreams and prayers come true. When we heal, the 7 past and future generations also heal.

My favorite aspect is seeing the transformation it brings, and connecting with the beautiful souls I work with. I have many clients who feel stuck, and have lost all hope and will to live. They basically don’t want to be on this planet, and when they come back into joy and vitality, claim their power, and  step into their purpose, it makes me feel so privileged that I get to walk beside them for a part of their journey. My clients and students are luminous, courageous, trusting, and curious. I do my very best to live up to their trust. 

About Shamanic healing:

Shamans always work to bring back balance, harmony and wholeness. This is the core of it. We also journey to the other realms to bring back messages and guidance. Everything is done with back up from the spirit guides. A healing session can take many forms. Typically a client has a pattern or challenge they want to work on, or they are at a crossroads and need guidance on the next step. 

I start by having a short talk with the client even if they already wrote to me what they need help with. I never make assumptions and listen from the soul, already seeing the person as perfect, whole, and healed. I then tune into their energy, the energy surrounding them, receiving guidance on what’s needed. It might be a soul retrieval, extraction, ancestral- or past life healing or perhaps trauma, conditioning or programming from this life which is blocking them from being in their power and manifesting their dreams and purpose.

I then do the journey and healing, involving the client as much as possible- they rarely just lie there. It’s very empowering and makes it more real to them if they also experience the transformation and healing by going into the emotion and body, opening the heart and mind to receive and allow the healing to permeate their field.

Every session ends with a chakra balancing, showering of high vibrational cosmic light, and grounding before giving the client the messages and information needed to anchor the healing and make the changes. 

Benefits of Working with a Shamanic Healer to Remove Negative Energy with Betina Strange

How Shamanic healing can be beneficial:

My work is on the energetic- and soul level. We see it as all dis-ease stems from imbalances. The human psyche is very delicate and a small tear can cause soul loss and imbalance, opening to heavy energies which over time can lead to physical disease.

Our energy centers or chakras are the keys to our vitality, power, joy, ability to feel safe in the world, express our gifts, needs and wants, and manifest, and they absorb all the shock, trauma, abuse, conditioning etc that happens in our lives. If not cleared, it will begin to solidify and close the centers, causing all sorts of problems on both physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels for a person. 

Shamanic healing clears and removes heavy energy, activates the energy centers, brings in light and raises the vibration, brings back lost soul parts, identifies and removes blocks, curses, self-sabotage, lifts ancestral – and past life patterns, and restores the connection to spirit and Mother Earth.

In a healing session we track a pattern or other challenge to find the root, and then heal from the origin of the dis-ease. If we merely treat the symptoms, the pattern or challenge persists. The shamanic element, which is working under the direct guidance of spirit, bypasses the ego, goes straight to the issue at hand, and works on a deep soul- and energetic level, making it work very fast, creating lasting change and transforms so the challenge or dis-ease won’t return.

I also give my clients tools to support them in their everyday life and improve the quality of life and sense of purpose and meaningfulness, leading to greater overall well-being.

Betina’s favorite technique:

I have developed a technique that involves the client on a deeper level. We journey through the place in the body where the issue manifests, and from here we track the stories, beliefs, programs, trauma etc. that have caused it. I use my psychic abilities to facilitate what is needed to bring healing and wholeness, and the client gets a real sense of the story behind as well as their own power. A lot of us have forgotten who we are, why we chose to come here, and the innate  power and light we hold. Reminding the client of that helps them access and claim it.

The feedback I get from my clients is that they feel very safe, held and supported.

They get a sense of awe and wonder and joy when they are connected to their spirit guides and sense the energies and healing moving through them. Quite often they share that the magic they sense in a session is mind blowing and a catalyst for moving forward in their lives and creating change.

They tell me they feel really good after a session, grounded and calm.

In the session itself they either sit or lie down, most of the time we both have our eyes closed, and they relax and go on the journey or focus on their breathing, coming into a meditative state. I might use essential oils, crystals, drumming and other sounds.

How Betina approaches skepticism:

I never try to convince anyone to get healing, but if I were to address skepticism, I would tell them that it cannot be understood from the level of the mind, it needs to be experienced. 

It is very safe – with a trained practitioner, and works much faster than conventional therapy, goes to the root cause of the issue thus creating true healing and lasting change.

The client doesn’t give away their power or control, nothing happens that they don’t allow.

Shamanism has been practiced globally for thousands of years, and the shaman is the original doctor, psychologist, counselor, midwife, bonesetter, coach as well as messenger between the physical and spiritual worlds. 

Betina’s health and wellbeing tips:

The first thing I always ask clients is if they have a spiritual practice. I find that to be the most helpful for both mental, emotional, energetic, and physical well-being.

Meditation, spending time in nature, stilling the mind – all free and easily accessible things for most of us, which raise the vibration and boost the immune system.

Taking the time to get to know yourself, listening to your inner voice and wisdom.

Finding and doing what makes the heart sing and the soul dance.

Don’t try to endure or suffer alone. Find someone who can help you and really see you.

Often our suffering is due to lack of connection, we may have lost connection to our own center and true self, to nature or to spirit, so look for ways to regain that connection.

Go into nature, sit with the trees, the water, the fire, ask Mother Earth to support you, she is our eternal mother, always providing for us. Ask for help from your guides and ancestors, you’re never alone!

Betina’s resources:

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Benefits of Working with a Shamanic Healer to Remove Negative Energy with Betina Strange

Working with a healer like Betina goes beyond the instantaneous relief felt when you’re able to release stuck negative energy. Betina takes the time to offer her clients techniques that they can implement in their daily lives in order to live a more fulfilling life overall.

Learn more about Betina and her work here:



Benefits of Working with a Shamanic Healer to Remove Negative Energy with Betina Strange

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Benefits of Working with a Shamanic Healer to Remove Negative Energy with Betina Strange

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