How Crystal Energy Healing Can Guide You to Get Better and Improve Pain – Interview with Whitney Joneé

How Crystal Energy Healing Can Guide You to Get Better and Improve Pain - Interview with Whitney Joneé

If you have ever found yourself being guided to better things, it may have been your natural energy pulling you in the right direction. Whitney spent endless time and money chasing an answer from doctors when she was experiencing pain, only to come out of it with MORE pain.

It was her own internal healing process that guided her to what would ultimately improve her pain. She turned to her crystals and her own insight to come out stronger and feel better.

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How Crystal Energy Healing Can Guide You to Get Better and Improve Pain - Interview with Whitney Joneé

Tell me about your story.

For about 4 or 5 years, maybe somewhere between 2012 and 2017, I used to struggle hard with a chronic anal fissure. Only, I didn’t know it was an anal fissure at the time. Out of ignorance, I thought I was dealing with incurable hemorrhoids. 

Around 2015, I used to have to mentally prepare to go to the bathroom. I’d disappear at work for like 20-30 minutes just to try to give myself time to pass my bowel movement. It felt like a very sharp pain. Like I was being cut open every time I had to go. I would then try to remedy the pain with Preparation H ointment after each pass. It helped a little, but never fully resolved the issue.

When did you first start experiencing issues?

Maybe around 2012 when the issue was consistent, on into 2017. 

What were the biggest challenges you had to face during your healing journey?

I was in college when the issue really became severe, but I didn’t have good enough health insurance at the time to see a specialist. I simply couldn’t afford a specialist out of pocket and whatever the diagnosis was going to be. So I was just trying to self-diagnose for years with little to no progress.

How do you advise people on overcoming that challenge?

Try to save up to actually see a doctor if you can, even if it’s just for a consultation. The one thing that was good out of my whole experience was that I learned that I had a chronic anal fissure. My hemorrhoids were hardly an issue even though that’s what I thought I needed to treat. 

When did you decide to seek help?

By the time I moved to New York (I was in Georgia previously), I had landed a big girl job and could therefore afford to see a specialist. This was 2016 I believe. 

How Crystal Energy Healing Can Guide You to Get Better and Improve Pain - Interview with Whitney Joneé

Did you reach out to anyone to aid you in your healing journey?

I found a doctor that was a block away from my office who basically lasered hemorrhoids. I saw great improvement after the first treatment, but apparently, I had multiple that needed to be lasered. When I came in for the second treatment, the sharp pain came back and only this time it didn’t go away like before. At this point, my doctor informed me that I needed to see ANOTHER specialist, a colorectal surgeon I believe because he believed that the real issue was an anal fissure. I had a consultation with that doctor, agreed on a surgical procedure, and even after all that, I was in even more pain than before!

What was the main source of your holistic healing?

During my journey with my chronic anal fissure, I had researched remedies before but never came across anything that seemed to really heal them. I tried everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! Even anal numbing lube for sex. Yea, it was that bad lol.

A few months after my failed surgery, I decided that I would try to see what was on Amazon. I learned before that the reviews could be helpful, and if I found someone with a situation similar to mine, then maybe I’d try the product. I must have typed “anal fissure” into the search and Forces of Nature – Natural, Organic Fissure Care came up. It was highly rated so I began reading the comments and decided to give it a try. It was also only $17 at the time. I figured if it sucked, I wouldn’t be in the hole any more than I already was trying to resolve this.

The instructions said to use it about 2-3 times a day. After probably 3 or 4 days, I saw DRAMATIC improvement. It felt almost too good to be true, but it was indeed true. We’re talking about basically being traumatized to do #2 every day for about 5 years. This was a big deal lol. I kept using it for maybe 2 weeks max, and my life was completely changed. I couldn’t believe that a $17 natural oil was the remedy after I had spent hundreds of dollars on doctor’s appointments and creams, hours doing sitz baths, and hours on the toilet just trying to be brave lol. 

What is your favorite modality for healing, and why?

I have two answers:

1) Healing is mostly mental, partially physical. In this case, I couldn’t will my pain away. But for other things, I do my best not to give in to illness. When I’m feeling unwell, I don’t get on the “woe is me”  train; instead, I fasten my seatbelt securely on the “I’ll be better soon” bus. I believe that my hope that I would find treatment is what led me to a remedy for my fissure.

2) As an energy worker, my healing is mostly emotional. So whenever I’m feeling imbalanced, I gravitate to my crystals. I am almost always wearing a crystal ring, but during my meditations, I’ll let my spirit guide me to what crystal I need at that time. Crystals do have physical healing properties. Every now and then I used to pop a tumbled garnet stone in my pocket or my bra to help with blood flow while dealing with my fissure. When I was struggling with COVID symptoms earlier this year, I went to sleep with my labradorite ring as it can help with respiratory issues. I woke up every morning breathing better than how I went to sleep.

Do you face any challenges now, and if so, how do you handle them?

With my anal fissure, it’s rare these days but yes I do. It only comes back if I’m eating very poorly. The natural oil still resolves it every time, and I usually only need to use it for 2 days.

Currently, I’m struggling to regulate my menstrual cycle since deciding to get back on birth control. Some doctors might recommend me using the pill for one or two months to help regulate, but I don’t want to add extra hormones to my body. So I’ve been taking Vitex supplements, Folic Acid, and adding cinnamon to my coffee to naturally help regulate my cycle on top of a healthy diet. I’ve also been trying yoni steams, but not consistently enough to feel they’re part of my remedy plan. I’ll have to let you know how I end up getting my cycle back on track!

How Crystal Energy Healing Can Guide You to Get Better and Improve Pain - Interview with Whitney Joneé

What have you found to be the most beneficial in your healing journey?

Community; I would have never known about helpful products, herbs, or remedies had others not taken the time to share their experience leading me to believe that something would help me too.

Why have you chosen a more holistic path in healing?

My aunt always used to say, “Doctors just be practicin’.” 

I used to laugh it off, but it wasn’t until I went through the experience with my fissure where I fully understood what she meant and now tell the same to others. Doctors are very much necessary and I respect their work. But to know that all of the pain and financial loss I went through could’ve been solved with a product that costs less than my phone bill really opened my eyes to needing to seek natural remedies first before seeking a diagnosis (for non-emergencies).

What resources would you recommend? (books, podcasts, websites that you’ve found helpful)

Gemstone Healing by Michael Gienger

The Power by Rhonda Bryne

How Crystal Energy Healing Can Guide You to Get Better and Improve Pain - Interview with Whitney Joneé

The power to heal is already within us, we just have to learn how to harness and ultimately unleash it. Whitney was able to basically cure herself of her anal fissure pain by simply following her own instincts when doctors had failed her.

This isn’t to say that doctors aren’t useful and should be avoided, but when all else fails, it might just be as simple as looking within yourself for the answers.

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How Crystal Energy Healing Can Guide You to Get Better and Improve Pain - Interview with Whitney Joneé

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How Crystal Energy Healing Can Guide You to Get Better and Improve Pain - Interview with Whitney Joneé

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