How to Heal Pain and Clear Your Mind with the Akashic Records? Interview with Helen Vonderheide

How to Heal Pain and Clear Your Mind with the Akashic Records? Interview with Helen Vonderheide

If you are feeling stuck in life or need some help with making decisions in your life, an Akashic Record reading may be the solution you need. Above all, you may want clarity, which is exactly what Akashic Records can offer you.

Akashic Records readers provide information and advice that you need to clear your mind, relieve anxiety, clear karma, become motivated and inspired, know your true purpose in life, discard old beliefs, change your life for the better, heal pain, and make decisions.

Helen Vonderheide is a Certified Akashic Practitioner and Teacher who helps people improve their lives and heal from limiting beliefs and behaviors. You can learn more about Helen and what she does by connecting with her below:




How to Heal Pain and Clear Your Mind with the Akashic Records? Interview with Helen Vonderheide

What made you decide to go into the world of Akashic Records as a career path?

We all have dreams, and for me, my dream has always been to work in Film and TV as a producer. As time went on, I felt like my goals were only inches away from success and I was doing everything right. It was a gut-wrenching blow when the project I was working on, despite my best intentions, fell apart and my life along with it. I woke up soon after, feeling like a failure in all aspects of my life, I found myself saying, “What happened, what went wrong?!? Why did I pour my heart and soul into this just to have it ripped from my hands?” I didn’t know what to do, but I did know that I needed clarity, direction, and help to continue to move forward. I took it one day at a time and ended up on a path to find my way out of the darkness – that path led me straight to the Akashic Records.

When I discovered the records it was as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I now know that everything happens for a reason, but in that moment of darkness, the only speck of light was the Akashic Records. I was able to recognize that producing TV and film was my passion, but that project falling apart had a force much bigger than me behind it: it wasn’t my fault, it just wasn’t a fit. Through the insight of the records, I revealed more wisdom into what makes me tick, how to find true peace and happiness in the journey, and above all else, to trust myself more. I recognized that I had to choose me – I had to put me first, take care of me first, detach from the outcome, hold the vision, and trust the process. 

This amazing awakening through the Akashic Records brought me so much peace and clarity, enabling me to take the necessary steps forward. I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t stepped out of my comfort zone and done something different, to really take the time to understand my path and the lessons that were set before me. I had to show others how to do the same! If I could wield this powerful tool to guide someone like you in stepping out from the shadows and into their greatness, then that’s what I wanted to do. I decided to become a Certified Akashic Practitioner and Teacher so that I could help others gain the courage and clarity needed to live a truly inspired, successful, and happy life!

The ability to help people and illuminate their path has been immensely rewarding. In working with countless clients and students over the past several years, I have been able to witness firsthand the incredible transformations that are possible when connecting with the source energy of the Akashic Records. 

How were you first introduced to the Akashic Records?

I was first introduced to the Akashic Records by my most beloved friend in Los Angeles, CA. She shared with me that her childhood friend back home had just learned how to read the Akashic Records and she was looking for people to practice on. It sounded interesting to me and I was open to explore the experience. I had my first appointment and when the Akashic reader opened my Records to relay the guidance and insight she spoke to my soul in a way I have never experienced before.

I thought to myself whoever she is speaking to knows me better than I know myself and that was so healing. Over the next few years, I went to her a couple more times. By my third reading with her, I said, this has been so healing for me and I want to share this with others. She said, if you are being called I can connect you to my teacher. I said, I don’t know about being “called” but I know I would like to do this for others. She connected me with her teacher and I took a Beginning Certification class shortly after.

What has been your favorite aspect of this work?

My favorite aspect of this work has been supporting people in discovering their life stories from the perspective of their souls. From that place, you become empowered and enriched with vitality and life force. It’s amazing to see people I work with who after a session can feel ready to take on the world. But this work is not for the faint of heart. Working with the Akashic Records is a conscious connection with your source of consciousness. As you engage in this relationship you become a conscious co-creator of your life. Life no longer happens to you rather life happens for you and you have the empowered strategy to navigate life’s circumstances with more awareness and wisdom. 

I have clients and students who I have been working with since I was a beginner. Their consistent work with me and on themselves has expanded their lives exponentially. I often have tears of pride and awe seeing their lives lived out with such excellence. But again they do the personal development and inner growth work that is required in addition to tapping into this Akashic resource. 

I also feel proud of the Akashic Community that was birthed from my personal journey. I have taught and certified 400 Akashic Record practitioners globally. Again, I sit back and watch their lives as they explode with benefit, connection, and expansion. 

Can you explain what Akashic Records are and what a typical session looks like from start to finish?

Akasha is a Sanskrit word and means “Primary Substance”, out of which all things are formed. It is the first stage of the crystallization of spirit. This Akashic, or primary substance, is of exquisite fineness and is so sensitive that the slightest vibrations of an ether any place in the universe register an incredible impression upon it. The Akashic Records contain the vibrational record of each individual soul and its journey.  This vibrational body exists everywhere in its wholeness and is completely available in all places. The Records contain all past, present, and future possibilities; and are an experiential body of knowledge and compassion. Access to this profound source is through a sacred prayer.

Having an Akashic Record reading can be extremely valuable.  The soul’s very essence and expression, potentials, and purposes can be revealed. Issues of the lifetime are brought to light from a spiritual perspective.  Both favorable and difficult patterns that are present can be identified. Corrective measures required to establish harmony can be seen.

The purpose of a reading is to dignify the person being read.  To dignify is to elevate. An Akashic Record reading is a way to uplift the one being read. Being in the Records, the reader perceives the potential of the person he or she is reading. The perception is then anchored in this ordinary dimension of consciousness. The person being read resonates with this higher frequency and becomes aware of the possibility of this quickened vibrational level. Through this upliftment, the person being read is relieved of lower vibrational activity and freed to move on in a higher state of consciousness and action.

Holding the light steady for those who seek illumination is a privilege. Ideally, a reading is one soul connecting with another in an intimate and profound transmission of the sacred energy of the Records. This is often a remarkable experience for both people involved.  In these sessions, the heart of your current issues will be revealed. This revelation will bring to light the best ways to heal the causes of your difficulties. Through the heart of the Akashic Records, we find the points of light and power in you and your life at this time.

To prepare for the reading, consider the areas of your life about which you want information. Normally, people ask about health, creative expression, work and money, relationships, and family of origin. Think about those issues in your life that seem to be unbudgeable; those areas that seem to get worse with time, never better. Ordinary human challenges are the path to higher consciousness. Think about your life and where you would like insight, guidance, and healing information. Bring your questions. Know that the reading is a shared experience between you, the reader, and the energy of the Records. The spirit of light and truth will be available to uplift you and illuminate your journey.”

© 2001 by Linda Howe, Founder, and Director of The Center for Akashic Studies

How to Heal Pain and Clear Your Mind with the Akashic Records? Interview with Helen Vonderheide

What sort of challenges can Akashic Records be effective for and why?

The Akashic Records are appropriate for any human challenge or difficulty because the Akashic Records are a vibration body of all-knowing as it pertains to one’s human experience. Therefore any question you have can absolutely be answered. I caution against asking about legal, medical, and financial information because the being of light who answer the questions are not lawyers, doctors, or financial advisors. This doesn’t mean however that you can not ask these questions but I encourage someone to also consult with appropriate professionals in these areas. You sincerely can ask about anything and everything. It is also encouraged. There will always be an answer.

Is there a technique in your practice that you have found to be the most beneficial to the people you work with?

At this time, the technique I use is Dr. Linda Howe’s Pathway Prayer Process to Access the Heart of the Akashic Records. From there, once you connect it’s all based on self-trust and the gifts, skills, and talent that are already inherent within you. As a practitioner, you attract individuals based on their vibrational frequency and how you can best support them. This is a little similar to the law of attraction. When I am in a session I receive the insight through clairaudience so I hear the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones speak and I act as their translator or interpreter. I relay the insight exactly as I receive it and it feels like a conversation between friends. I always encourage clients and students to ask specific questions so we can go deeper and if something doesn’t make sense or resonate to let me know so we can get more clarity or have the insight explained in a different way. 

What would you say to someone who is skeptical about the Akashic Records and their effectiveness? How do you approach that?

If someone is skeptical about the Akashic Records I encourage them to do their own research. Perhaps even give the experience a try so they can see what it is like for themselves. I am not in the business of contradicting someone’s belief systems nor would I want to expend energy to convince anyone. 

There is scientific evidence that the Akashic Record field is real. Erwin Lazlo has written a few books around this one being Science and the Akashic Field. You can learn more about his books on his Amazon page here. The effectiveness is subjective and will be different for each person and their beliefs. 

My approach is to educate to the best of my ability. From that place, each person can determine their level of openness or closed-mindedness. I want to help people so I focus on the people who are open and willing to learn something new about themself from the perspective of this Akashic resource.

Can you give a few examples of questions that are helpful to ask the records?


● What are my unique gifts, talents, and abilities? What are the best ways for me to use them at this time in my life?

● What inspires me? Are there any obstacles in the way, and if so, how can they be removed?

● What projects should I focus my energy on and why? (Please name them.)


● What can I do to unlock my creativity?

● How can I further develop my creativity?

● What kind of creative endeavors would be beneficial to my growth?

● What kind of ritual or activity can I do to ignite my creativity?

● What art form should I be practicing?


● Why are my partner and I together? What are we meant to learn?

● Our relationship seems strained/broken/irreparable. What happened to make it so? What am I not seeing and why am I not seeing it?

● What becomes available to me if I stay in this relationship? If I choose to stay in this relationship, what can I do to mend it and have a positive, loving experience? What can I ask my partner to do?

● What becomes available to me if I end this relationship? If this relationship has run its course, how can we end it with grace?

● I am not in a relationship but would like to be. What is blocking me from being in a loving relationship, and what steps can I take to help manifest a loving partner in my life?

Blocks/Limiting Beliefs and Patterns:

● What are my blocks? How can I clear blocks that are keeping me from my desires?

● What are my limiting patterns (financially, partnership, career, etc)? How can I heal them?

● What are my limiting beliefs? How can I address them?

● What are the consequences of me having these limited beliefs/patterns?

● What are the root causes?

● How is this pattern serving my highest good?

● What lessons am I learning from this pattern?

Besides Akashic Records, do you have any universal health and well-being tips that you’d like to share?

One of the most common universal well-being tips I’d like to share is the importance of meditation. Meditation can look like so many things and it is different for each person. It’s the practice of bringing your mind to an alpha brain wave state. It’s incredibly healing to quiet the mind and go inward. Over time with practice and study you can start to hear the inner voice of your wisdom. Whatever ails you there will surely be some guidance you can act on. 

I consider meditation to be comparable to working out. If you have a specific goal in mind and you continue to flex your mind and spirit muscle you will surely expand. It’s important to try out all exercises and practices until you find the right blend of what works best for you. 

How do you believe the Akashic Records can be helpful in healing and general well-being?

The Akashic Records can be helpful in healing and general well-being because every reading is a healing. The healing takes place on the formed word. You come to a session with questions and the Akashic Records are available to illuminate and uplift you. All of the guidance that comes through is empowering and aligning you with your highest potential. Our opportunity is to access this profound resource and strengthen that muscle.

If there was one piece of advice you could give to someone who is struggling, what would it be?

A piece of advice I would give to someone who is struggling would be to start by expressing the layers that are making them upset. I would like to know if it is emotional, physical, or mental. There is so much healing that can take place simply by speaking and expressing what is on our hearts. From there, I like to support someone with resources.

Everything I offer is simply a suggestion that should be considered as just that. From there, I trust that whatever choices someone makes and how they proceed to their well-being will be in good hands. 

For someone who is interested in this modality of healing, what kinds of resources would you recommend or you’ve found helpful?

For someone who is interested in this specific type of modality, I encourage you to read books and explore Akashic Record teachers who are in integrity. My teacher is Linda Howe and I consider her curriculum to be the foundational work necessary to develop an extraordinary relationship with the Akashic Records. Her books are sold on Amazon here and she offers classes here. We also have a lot of resources on my website in the form of podcasts, services, and my team and community. I feel finding the right teacher and books is the best path to learn more but there are other resources like Instagram and Youtube.

Akashic Records are a collection of thoughts, events, words, emotions, and intent that have occurred in both past and present. Learn how to access them to improve your life by connecting with Helen below:




Interview with Helen Vonderheide

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How to Heal Pain and Clear Your Mind with the Akashic Records? Interview with Helen Vonderheide

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