How Holistic Health Can Heal You From The Inside Out with Victoria Franca

How Holistic Health Can Heal You From The Inside Out with Victoria Franca

Well-being starts from within. That’s exactly the approach that holistic health practitioner, Victoria Franca, takes when it comes to addressing her patients’ issues. Her focuses include diet, exercise, and stress management.

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How Holistic Health Can Heal You From The Inside Out with Victoria Franca

About Victoria:

My career actually started in the Luxury Spa and Wellness Industry which already focused on holistic wellness, however, I then shifted to become Certified as Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner when I had my own hormonal health challenges that I wanted to heal from. I decided to learn and support my own health and noticed that a lot of my family and friends needed that support also, and that’s how Omne Wellness was born.

I suffered from a few different health challenges after getting off of birth control without preparing my body and burnout from work. I searched and searched for answers and no one could tell me what was wrong with me. That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands and support my own health through a holistic approach focusing on rebalancing my minerals, hormones, and gut health. That is what I do with my clients today. 

About Victoria’s work:

Seeing the transformation that my clients have had and seeing them love and appreciate their bodies. It’s life-changing to be a part of their journey and finally be able to give answers to those that have been longing for so long. 

My holistic approach is focusing on diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction, and supplementation. This is a part of the protocol my clients receive after their mineral hair analysis test result is sent to me. It is all curated to their symptoms and results so they receive something personalized to their needs. My program is then 3 months long where we work together in a one-to-one capacity and they receive access to my course, Thriving Hormones which is all about learning how to balance your hormones. 

Holistic health can be beneficial for everything! You can support your body holistically with any type of challenge. 

It’s going back to basics and having an understanding that when we eliminate the stressors of the body and focus on whole ingredients, nutrients, supplements, the body can heal and rebalance itself. Of course, it is not an easy process or quick process, but it’s guiding the body back to what it needs for optimal health. 

How Victoria helps her clients:

My one-on-one support via Voxer is something my clients love. We speak almost on a daily basis compared to a call once a month and we truly become friends during the process. I love receiving their messages and check-ins during the week!

From their point of view, it’s understanding their body and guiding their body to optimal health. It’s changing their lifestyle to support their body vs ignoring the signs the body is giving them. 

Everyone has the choice to decide what type of health services are best for them. I do not try to convince anyone of my services or the benefits of holistic health. I only work with clients that are committed and know what it takes to support the body the natural way. 

Victoria’s advice:

Create a joy list and do those things more often in your day-to-day. Stress is the number one reason my clients see me and it really impacts the body so much. If we can support our nervous system by doing things that bring us joy even on a stressful day, we can support the body in learning how to handle stress. Meaning it will not stay stuck in stress and think that it’s in danger, it will release the stress and go back to rest and digest which is the state we want our nervous system to be in. 

Celebrate the small wins. Sometimes we are so focused on the big changes that we don’t appreciate the small ones. They are equally, if not more important! 1% improvement each day should be your goal!

Victoria’s resources:

Beyond the Pill By Dr. Brighten is a great book to support getting off of birth control, I wish I knew of that when I struggled myself!

How Holistic Health Can Heal You From The Inside Out with Victoria Franca

Managing stress is important for your overall health and wellbeing and being able to identify the root cause of any issues you may be having is at the cornerstone of your healing journey. Holistic healing modalities may be the noninvasive solution that you’ve been looking for.

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How Holistic Health Can Heal You From The Inside Out with Victoria Franca

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How Holistic Health Can Heal You From The Inside Out with Victoria Franca

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