How Sound Therapy Can Enable a Healing State in the Body with Kate Stewart

How Sound Therapy Can Enable a Healing State in the Body with Kate Stewart

Everything in the Universe is made of energy, and that energy is at a particular frequency – including you! When your frequency is operating at a heightened state of anxiety, it can domino effect into a multitude of other mental, emotional, and physical issues.

Sound Healing utilizes the frequencies emitted by sound to interact with your body’s frequency to elevate you to a healing state by engaging the parasympathetic nervous system. Kate Stewart is a Sound Healer who is helping people achieve this natural healing state, and you can learn more about her work here:




How Sound Therapy Can Enable a Healing State in the Body with Kate Stewart

About Kate and her company:

My career started in the corporate world as a project manager for various branding agencies. There, I found I wasn’t helping anyone, which felt unfulfilling, so I continued to search to find a career that would support others and contribute to the greater good.

I then found a great love of fitness and studied to be a personal trainer.  I loved supporting people one-to-one, combining therapy with training, helping to problem-solve, and nurturing relationships.  I kept my clients for years and became part of their lives.  I realized, though, that fitness was just a small part of a healthy lifestyle, I wanted to help people to have a healthy mind too, so I continued to search further.

In 2014 I started exploring meditation and Breathwork techniques and subsequently began working for a meditation company, then a yoga retreat center on their well-being programs.  This is where I was introduced to sound healing and got my first taste of singing bowls.

Sound healing took my meditation practice to a whole new level. The crystal singing bowls accelerated my ability to meditate, dropping me into a beautiful, floating dream state where I lost track of time and space.

I became fascinated with sound as a tool for meditation, especially combined with other practices I’d learned over the years. 

Knowing how much holistic practices, including Sound Healing, had helped me over the years, I wanted to support others to find the right tools to help improve their mental well-being. So in 2021, I set up my own business,  aka I Know This Girl, so that I could offer a more enriching holistic self-care experience to others.

Kate’s journey in this field:

It was my journey that led me to work in well-being and specialize in Sound Healing. As a child, I suffered from extreme anxiety and chronic IBS; the doctors tried to give me pills, which I refused to take, so I just lived with these symptoms for years. No one looked into the root cause of why I was suffering from anxiety at such a young age. Looking back now, I can see clearly that all my symptoms were linked to childhood trauma, I was living in ‘survival mode,’ and my nervous system was taking a hit!

Supporting my nervous system with various well-being practices was the key to my recovery from these childhood issues, so my passion lies in sharing these tools with others.  

I love working with people, Sharing my knowledge and my experiences, and offering any support and guidance that might help them. This continues to light me up and is the driving force that keeps me going.  

Sound Healing explained:

A typical Sound Healing session would begin with simple breathwork techniques to calm the mind and nervous system. 

I love bringing people together in the community, so we often start by sitting in a circle and sharing a few words about ourselves and what’s brought us to the event. 

Then everyone lies down, gets nice and cozy with blankets and cushions, closes their eyes, and the sound journey commences. I typically play for up to an hour and use a variety of singing bowls that work with the specific chakras or endocrine points. I also walk around and use my Crystal singing pyramid over each person so that they can feel the vibrations and absorb all the goodness! 

I leave moments of silence while the body is at peace and bring people back gently with the sounds of my chimes and voice. After a slow journey back, we end with a sharing circle and close the practice.

Sound therapy enables your brainwaves to drop into a deep state of relaxation. In a relaxed brain state, deep healing can take place.

Some of the many benefits include:

  • lower stress and anxiety levels
  • fewer headaches and migraines (something I personally noticed)
  • a reduction of pain
  • lower blood pressure
  • less mood swings
  • lower cholesterol
  • improved sleep
  • Improved focus and concentration at work

Because Sound therapy enables you to drop into the parasympathetic nervous system, this is supportive on so many levels, it’s our rest, digestion, and repair function and vital for a healthy mind and body.

The frequencies slow our brainwaves down, quietening down our monkey minds and allowing us to drift into a floaty dreamlike, meditative state. 

How Sound Therapy Can Enable a Healing State in the Body with Kate Stewart

From the patient’s point of view:

I use Sound Healing as my main technique because it’s the most effective way, in my opinion, to calm the mind and enter a meditative state.

Each person’s experience is unique. Some people see colors in their inner mind during the sound bath, while others receive insights, realizations or clarity over something that has been worrying them. 

The most common feedback from people is a deeper sense of peace, deep relaxation, and a calmer mind.

I love explaining sound to skeptics because you can get scientific about it. 

Sound healing is the use of sound vibrations/frequencies to relax the mind and the body and has been used for centuries by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians.

Our bodies are made up of around 75% water, and water is a great conductor of sound, so our bodies absorb the vibrations in our fluid-filled cells. 

The frequency of the sound has the ability to change our brainwaves and subtly work through the body. We usually start in a waking conscious state (known as beta) and then slowly drift into a more relaxed state (known as the alpha state) – this is the juicy zone where we get inspiration and can drift off into a daydream. We then shift to the Theta state, where we are in a state of meditation, and lastly, certain frequencies can take you to the delta state, to a place of deep sleep and where deep healing can take place.

Kate’s well-being tips:

Take a balanced approach of healthy eating, regular exercise, and choosing well-being practices that work for YOU. Don’t force something if it’s not working for you.

I struggled with meditation for years and decided that sitting still wasn’t for me, so if I wanted to relax and calm my mind, I did some simple breathwork, dance, or took a walk in nature. I listen to my body and do what it feels like doing at that moment because every day, we feel different from the last!

Start with deep breathing (the 4-part breath technique is effective) to calm the nervous system down. Write down what’s on your mind, then try and find strategies to support you, if you can’t, then reach out for support. Never be afraid to ask for help.

Getting out of my head and into my body supports me on days I’m struggling, so I head to nature and go for a walk or run. I always come back with a clearer head.

Kate’s resources:

I mainly listen to podcasts or audiobooks, here are some I’ve found helpful and inspiring:

The Surrender Experiment, By Michael A. Singer

Becoming Supernatural, By Joe Dispenza

Untamed, By Glennon Doyle

The Wild Woman’s Way, By Michaela Boehm

The Michaela Boehm podcast

The Mindvalley podcast

Red School podcast

Unlocking Us with Brene Brown podcast

Feel Better, Live More podcast with Dr Chatterjee

Connect with me!

If you’d like to connect, you can find me on Instagram or Facebook under @i.know.this.girl or visit my website, where I share more about Sound Healing. I’m always up for a chat and offer free discovery calls.

How Sound Therapy Can Enable a Healing State in the Body with Kate Stewart

Sound Healing is about reconnecting with yourself and unlocking higher energy so you can function at your best. This modality can help with things like anxiety, headaches, blood pressure, and so much more.

As a Sound Healer, Kate Stewart is paving the way to help people access higher frequencies and achieve a healing state. You can learn more about Kate and her work here:




How Sound Therapy Can Enable a Healing State in the Body with Kate Stewart

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How Sound Therapy Can Enable a Healing State in the Body with Kate Stewart

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