How to Fix Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with Quantum Energy Healing

How to Fix Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with Quantum Energy Healing

Quantum energy literally means the energy that makes up everything. From the energy in your smallest cells to the warmth from the sun. When this energy is tapped into and optimized, it can be used to raise your vibration to higher energy levels, improving health and wellness.

The benefits of harnessing this power are limitless, and Marisa Sage is helping people do just that. She is a trained Shaman and healer who has used her extensive knowledge in the holistic space to help others on their own path to healing. You can learn more about Marisa and her work here:


How to Fix Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with Quantum Energy Healing

About Marisa and her work:

I am a trained plant-based chef turned mindful & intuitive coach who made a life transition into the holistic wellbeing field, starting out training for my 200 Hr RYT, breath-work & meditation facilitation, Shamanic Practitioner, Somatic & Trauma Healing, Reiki & Energy Medicine.  There was still a missing piece to the puzzle, and the mind was always there within the equation, so I finally worked with a hypnotist, and after healing subconscious programming & limiting belief systems, I said I need to study this because this Really WORKS! So my journey of hypnotherapy training began!

During my training as a Shaman, and working as an intuitive, it became clear that our soul and spirits have traveled many lifetimes, that there is infinite space & that time does not exist.  After going through a program with “Joe Dispenza” my eyes opened to what is known as the “Quantum Field.”  I began awakening to many multi-dimensional gifts & experiences, which helped me realize that I have and do tap into many different lives with clients working with the many modalities that I weave together during sessions.  It finally made sense!

I would have to say [that my favorite aspect of this work has been] witnessing and observing clients go from extreme anxiety and ungroundedness within the body to complete states of re-connection, re-alignment, and harmony with all that is.  This is known as the “zero-point field.”  The space, time, and now moment that exists when we are present with it because it is always there, and watching those connect through their heart, breath, and being has been transformational!

What Quantum Energy and Hypnotherapy are and how they work: 

Quantum energy is all that is, meaning there is no separation, time, or place between anything living being, it all exists now in the present moment, and because everything is energy, there is only a difference in vibration.  It is my understanding that multiple realities exist and because our spirit & soul never die, we never truly are reborn…we just continue to travel as this being of light, gathering knowledge & wisdom and learning through experience.

Through either raising our vibration by learning the lessons, our soul came to learn and understand this through the various roles and teachers we all play in this experience of life as we know it. This is why I blend hypnotherapy into sessions because the subconscious holds all of these memories and understandings, wisdom over lifetimes. 

A typical session will begin with a present reality check-in and dialogue between each other to try and understand where you are at now and what your intention is for the session.  Then grounding and attuning the body through (quantum) touch/talk, meaning using my energy and yours together to co-create a connection and language with what the body is trying to say. I usually have you connect with the heart center and listen to its remedy.  I will begin to place you in a deeply meditative trance state so the brain waves can slow down enough to access the subconscious. I will begin to ask questions and create positive or reframing suggestions.  The session usually ends with waking up and out of trance and fully grounding your heart with mother Earth.

How Quantum Energy and Hypnotherapy can help:

Anxiety, panic attacks, confusion, codependency, addictions, mental rumination, energetic blockages, or if you want to connect with your higher self/guides and angels.  Typically I speak with clients who want to travel to a past/future lifetimes, or childhood trauma to resolve the root cause and understand the deeper lesson and teaching this particularly has or had for your soul’s evolution.

If you really want to tap into the root cause issue/meaning and understanding of who you are and why you are the way you are in relation to everything and everyone, even with your own body & being, or if you experience repeated patterns and behaviors that do not resonate with you any longer, then this type of healing modality can help support you in understanding and learning what tools or conditions and belief systems you need to release and let go of.  With positive reprogramming and suggestions, the subconscious has the ability to rewrite a new story and rewire the internal brain, and electrical & chemical systems. Past lives can really help guide us in a direction to overcome as a human being what our soul has been asking us to understand so that in this lifetime, we are more open to learning the lesson.

How to Fix Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with Quantum Energy Healing

Beneficial techniques:

Placing a hand on the heart and tapping for a moment, grounding and finding the feet and your spine and elongating it.  The “voo breath” or just generally humming for 3 breaths really anchors you into the body and removes low vibrations instantly, along with sound healing that I always play in the background (solfeggio beats). I would also say that opening the eyes, finding a point to focus in front of you, and closing them a few times with the breath helps to settle the reflexes & initiates a calming response.  And absolutely practicing working with the imagination, visualizing, and story rewriting to see things through a new perspective using an enhanced perception.

From the patient’s point of view:

Typically a lot of clients are skeptical and nervous.  There are a lot of stories out there that it is mind control or that it is possible to be hypnotized against your will, or that they might say something that they don’t want to.  Those are myths and also societal programs that have kept this amazing modality from being one of the most healing and effective medicines for anyone…You are always in control and only in a deeply meditative state during hypnosis, you are never asleep or unconscious, only in a very relaxed and altered state of consciousness.  This is where we have access to the subconscious and deeper messages that the conscious mind would normally stop participating in due to societal “norms,” learned behavior, and childhood conditioning or your basic what is “right” & what is “wrong.”  Within the quantum this no longer exists, it no longer makes sense because everything just is, existing.

Quantum energy healing and hypnotherapy are extremely effective at correcting the imbalances between your mind-body-spirit and soul…because everything is connected, we can explore and remain curious utilizing the field of consciousness and high-frequency tools and practices.  I would say if you have been struggling and going to talk therapy for years, yet you are still struggling to find your way through, and with the experiences that you have had to go through, then it may be time to begin a new journey or path one led with more self-discovery and curiosity through the body-mind experience.

Marisa’s overall health and wellbeing tips:

I love working with the energy of crystals and plants!  They are so supportive and our friendly allies to call in and be with us during our healing journey…I would invite you to see which one feels right and good for you and start connecting with it everywhere and with everything you do!  Also, working with the heart chakra, breathing in and out, and visualizing the color green to awaken the infinite abilities it holds for healing…it is considered the doorway/portal through all things and sitting in a deep listening state using touch and talk by placing a hand on your heart can guide you in the direction to understanding your emotions/feelings.

Marisa’s number one piece of advice:

It is ok to be where you are and to know where you are by standing or sitting and noticing the rhythm of your heartbeat and if it wants to move or slow down…then finding the breath and understanding the connection it has with your experience.  Can you exhale loudly and release any trapped or stuck energy and then begin to take a deeper breath in…and what about your eyes and what you see or visualize, is it ok and safe for you to look around you, to orient (micro-movement of the eyes/neck/face) to the space within and outside of you or will it feel more ok to close your eyes and visualize or imagine a time and space you do feel that safety, groundedness, and protection.  You can be there, or you can be here, as long as you can be with yourself, that is what matters, and because we are all made up of matter, you matter. 

Marisa’s recommended resources:

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s books, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself,”  “Becoming Supernatural,”  Books by Peter Levine “Waking the Tiger,” “The Body Keeps The Score,” Louise Hay “You can heal your life”, & “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy…also listening to podcasts that work on expanding your conscious awareness…some of the ones I listen to are “Golightly Radio” Amanda Nicole, “Ancient Wisdom Today” Shaman Durek, “The highest Self Podcast”, Sahara Rose, “The Self Healers Soundboard” The Holistic Psychologist, “Holistic Life Navigation”

How to Fix Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with Quantum Energy Healing

Raising your vibration to a higher place is something that takes a little time, practice, and patience. With the right practitioner to guide you, the overall benefits of quantum energy healing are extensive, including improving anxiety, and addiction, and fixing overall imbalances from within.

Marisa Sage uses the connected energy between everything in the universe to help people reach their own higher energy state. You can learn more about Marisa and her work here:


How to Fix Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with Quantum Energy Healing

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How to Fix Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with Quantum Energy Healing

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