How To Improve the Relationship with Yourself by Utilizing Bodywork with Ben North

How To Improve the Relationship with Yourself by Utilizing Bodywork with Ben North

The health of your relationships with others starts with your relationship with yourself. If you have a negative relationship with yourself, it will affect how you connect with others, especially when it comes to partners. Focusing on bodywork that hones in on the power of pleasure can improve your feelings toward yourself, which will then radiate into all other areas of your life.

Ben North is a bodywork practitioner who is helping people reconnect with themselves on a deeper level. You can learn more about Ben and his work here:


How To Improve the Relationship with Yourself by Utilizing Bodywork with Ben North

About Ben and his work:

I started my journey into healing as a physiotherapist, but I have always been interested in life’s esoteric and spiritual aspects. In a physiotherapy clinic, I saw emotional, behavioral, and energetic blocks to people leading happy and healthy lives, free from pain. 

But because physiotherapy is ‘evidence-based,’ there was no room to apply any energetic or esoteric approaches to the healing process.

It was through a personal journey of interest in Tantra, Taoist Sexual Arts, and Shamanism that a natural progression and evolution of my work happened. I have since left the field of physiotherapy to dive deep into the healing modalities that fully align with my personal practices and belief systems.

I have since trained in multiple disciplines such as Tantric De-armouring, Tantric Massage, Yoni Massage, Qi Gong and Taoists Sexology, and Kundalini Bodywork. Each field benefits the other and uses the foundation of seven years of Physiotherapy.

I have been a lifelong learner and have always been deeply spiritual and philosophical. And as my journey has developed, I have applied what has been effective for me to how I support others. Love, intimacy, and sex are fundamental for a happy life. I was hopeless romantic for most of my adult life until I turned my outward quest inwardly. Through developing intimacy with myself, internally healing and solving the emotional blocks, limiting self-beliefs, and connecting to spiritual energy (which is undeniably sexual), my life has become profoundly happy and magical. I am now self-aware and draw upon the wisdom of the body and intuition, and using honest and open communication has been the basis for the beautiful relationship I now find myself in with my fiance, Saurora.

Now that these techniques have worked for me, I am successfully supporting many women to find those same connections for themselves. And it starts with our relationship with ourselves, to sex, love, and intimacy, and healing from the conditioned shame, guilt, and fear around our sexual nature.

I enjoy so many aspects of this work. I enjoy receiving feedback from clients when they describe how profound and life-changing sessions are. Knowing I am making a difference in people’s lives feels fantastic. The way they express their experience is always unique for each individual. It’s an inner shift, a knowing, sometimes is how their body feels;  alive with energy, pleasurable sensations, and joy.

I enjoy going into a flow state in a session, feeling into and experimenting with the body’s physicality, or seeing or feeling the blocks in the auric field. Seeing how a body can respond by moving my hands through its energetic field with no physical touch continues to blow my mind.

I enjoy being very tender and holding a safe masculine polarity for an energetic signature to be felt by a client. 

A client’s nervous system and energy body may not feel safe to fully be in their sensuality because of past bad experiences, often at a man’s fault. Witnessing a person feels safe to reverse this by completely surrendering into their process, to their body and their sensuality is incredibly rewarding.

About bodywork:

Simply summarized, trauma is held in the cells of the body. Muscular contraction from an event locks energy into the tissues. The stored energy in the tissues prevents a full flow of our life force energy and presents as emotional guarding, limiting beliefs and behaviors, and inability to be in our full authentic expression. And the limitations may appear as emotional avoidance, self-sabotaging, disconnect with the body and sexuality, numbness, shame, or shyness.

When the blocks are released through the bodywork sessions, energy channels open, and the body comes to life with potent and healing life force energy (kundalini). It feels like electricity, aliveness, and sensual energy flowing through the entire body.

Before a session starts, the intake form asks the client what aspects of their relationship with themselves and others are feeling challenged and what they hope to experience once they have fixed these blocks.

These intentions are frequencies that we work with throughout the session – the blocks are found and released into the auric field, which is then transformed into their positive intention. A simplified example is that they want to experience more self-acceptance, joy, and pleasure in their body and relationships, and fear stops them.

Also, before the session starts, there is an in-depth discussion to clarify boundaries and consensual communication. After that, everything is optional, and there are no expectations for it to go a certain way. The sessions can be fully clothed or without clothes. It can involve bodywork of all body tissues, including the breast and genitals, but it also doesn’t have for it to be very effective.

All energies and emotions are welcome and not judged. Negative and intense emotions like rage or sorrow are welcome and do not land on me. Similarly, arousal and pleasure are welcome and do not involve me either.

From there, the session begins. The bodywork typically lasts 3 to 4 hours, covering head to toe and front to back.

How To Improve the Relationship with Yourself by Utilizing Bodywork with Ben North

What it’s beneficial for:

Some people lack self-acceptance, self-worthiness, and self-love, which are all on the spectrum of the same thing. Success in life and relationships depends on your relationship with yourself. If you have low self-worth, your relationships reflect that. Some people come because they are struggling with being intimate with partners; they may have blocks to feeling pleasure in their body and have an inability to orgasm. Some people may have experienced emotional, physical, or sexual abuse from parents or others.

Some people feel avoidant in relationships and fearful of deep and open connections.

Some side effects of clients have been that they have stuck to their health program and lost a lot of weight; one person reported that she felt more present with life and her emotions, so much so that she could healthily stop taking her antidepressant medication.

This type of bodywork can also initiate or contribute towards spiritual development as they tangibly and viscerally experience this sacred life force energy, Kundalini. 

I am spending time connecting with you, being tender and sensual with the entire body. It doesn’t have to be overtly sexual as such, but pleasure and orgasmic energy is healing and vibrant energy to work with.

Some people resist doing this for themselves, thus identifying an emotional block. It is the most loving and wonderful act to do for oneself; if you can’t do this, something underneath gets to be discovered and healed.

From the patient’s point of view:

They often say that it was like nothing they’ve ever experienced before. Not at all like what they imagined. They often say it was very sensual but not sexual, and it was not at all about a connection with me but really connecting with themselves.

They often say that they feel lots of sensations in their bodies, tingles, vibrations, and energy. They can release emotions that make them feel lighter from dealing with them. I have heard that they also clear ancestral trauma; for example, one woman released the grief of her grandmother’s stillbirth. Some people see colors; some have mystical visions and journeys.

Some feel numbness turns into pain, then sometimes into pleasure. Some have orgasms. Some experience female ejaculation. Some feel things that they have never felt before.

If this work resonates with someone on a deep level and they are ready to explore this side of their human experience, then I am open to supporting them. I am not trying to convince anyone. It is a felt sense that this work is powerful. And potential clients must tune in to their body’s response after reading the descriptions of what this work involves, watching client videos, and reading testimonials.

This work is profoundly fascinating and equally misunderstood. So if a client wants to discuss any aspect of this so that they understand it more and trust me more, then I am totally open to meeting that person where they are and supporting them through their journey, which would begin with just a phone call. 

Ben’s health and well-being tips:

Breathe slowly, long and deep, and feel into your body. Listen to the language that the body speaks. It holds so much wisdom. And in doing so, you drop from the mind that is constantly planning, controlling, and avoiding (masculine) and into the flow of nature, the divine, and the feminine. This is accepting and allowing life to flow through you, as you, for you.

There is a lesson available in life challenges. So ask yourself, ‘What is this experience teaching me?’ Can you change your perception to see that life is happening for you, not to you? In this way, you free yourself from being a victim, and you become empowered. Life is here to help you evolve. Evolve or repeat.

Ben’s resources:

Tantra Made Easy Podcast – Shashi Soluna

Book Urban Tantra – Barbara Carellas – Michael Winn – Taoist sexual arts

How To Improve the Relationship with Yourself by Utilizing Bodywork with Ben North

Connect with yourself from the inside with bodywork. This modality utilizes the power of pleasure and orgasm to achieve a more profound sense of self which can boost how you can function in other relationships with people around you. Ben North is helping people unlock this power from within. You can learn more about him and his work here:


How To Improve the Relationship with Yourself by Utilizing Bodywork with Ben North

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How To Improve the Relationship with Yourself by Utilizing Bodywork with Ben North

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