How You Can Utilize Energy to Heal Inside and Out with Erin Moore

How You Can Utilize Energy to Heal Inside and Out with Erin Moore

In a recent discussion with Erin Moore, we were discussing Reiki as a healing modality and how important it is to share our personal and professional experiences. We asked Erin to share her thoughts on her own journey and experience with Reiki and her thoughts on personal wellness and development and let her openly share.

Below you will find Erin’s full story, experience, knowledge, and advice without interruption. You can also learn more about Erin by following her on Instagram HERE.

How You Can Utilize Energy to Heal Inside and Out with Erin Moore

In Erin’s words:

I came to Reiki differently. I was a massage school dropout and had heard about Reiki as an energetic modality then. I was a Spiritual person but let it slip by me. Years later, I made some major life decisions – divorce, going back to school (this time for aesthetics), and moving to another state. I was in Utah and moved to Las Vegas Nevada. There I met a psychic (!) who told me I had the gift of healing in my hands. Curious, I went home and looked up Reiki to get reacquainted. I was working as a spa attendant at the time in one of the bigger resorts in Henderson. I asked around work if any of the therapists were into Reiki – two of their strongest were Reiki practitioners.

After I got snooping around, one of them (who was a Reiki Master) decided to hold his first class!! A bunch of us took his class and became attuned. I, unfortunately, was living two lifestyles – one of Spirituality and the other, very secular, very ‘party’. I was so into it but never strengthened my channel the way one should. I ended up moving back home and found classes in SLC with a woman who had a very impressive resume. She was also into meditation, sound healing, Reiki with the Angels, and essential oils.

I interviewed with her and took almost all of her classes and up through all the levels. She was also into Diamond Way Buddhism and taught us how to do mantras, etc. I was the only one in my family to take this Path. My brother did end up going to massage school, though! Lol So my experience with Reiki was primarily through massage therapy. She taught us that many nurses were also becoming interested. They were doing many studies pre and post-operation in hospitals. I was taught to work closely with doctors because medication dosages may be altered. Fascinating stuff!

I worked at a tiny little Wellness spa at the time, and we were doing beautiful but small things that most people didn’t take us up on (a smaller city in Utah) meditations for Peace, shamans who came in to teach, Reiki. I was her aesthetician; I never got the chance to do Reiki professionally. Also, business, in general, was slow because of the recession (2007-8).

A very traumatic thing happened to me in 2009-10. A boyfriend (trusted friend) did some unthinkable things, and I ended up with PTSD and have been unable to work. So Reiki has become more of a Spiritual Pathway for me – an almost religion or view of the way the Universe works. Life Force energy and Wisdom, life itself, God even. A way of thinking about God. I look at all hands-on work as a gift. To be able to help facilitate healing in people for a living is tremendously beautiful and a gift.

I believe in bodywork modalities, clean diets, and movement (!!) like yoga. And always keep a good attitude – laughter!! Humor is one of our best medicines. As for reference material, I am really into anything Hayhouse Publishing: Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Gary Zukav, Eckhart Tolle,.Pema Chodron, Doreen Virtue.

Reiki magazine is a good publication. There is more but just in small ways. I rushed through my classes – I was hungry for it – but it is said, and I believe it is better to take a couple of years in-between levels.

How You Can Utilize Energy to Heal Inside and Out with Erin Moore

Erin’s history and experience with Reiki is a journey that is still in the making. As she continues to learn and grow, she’s able to spread and share more knowledge to the people she works with. In holistic health, healing is all about experiencing different things and finding what works for you.

You can learn more about Erin and her work by following her on Instagram HERE.

How You Can Utilize Energy to Heal Inside and Out with Erin Moore

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How You Can Utilize Energy to Heal Inside and Out with Erin Moore

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