Gary Markwick Shares How to Improve Anxiety with Reiki

If you’ve ever tried to improve your sleep patterns and reduce anxiety, the idea of energy healing might be something to look into. As Gary has put it, we are all made up of energy, so it makes sense to use energy in order to enhance your overall well-being which includes increased relaxation to improve an array of issues linked to anxiety.

Gary Markwick is a third-generation palmist that has been using his talents for the past thirty years. He has read the hands of thousands of people around the world from all different occupations and backgrounds. I have personally experienced Gary’s healing sessions that have brought me peace during a lengthy period of extreme worry, anxiety, and emotional stress.

I have found these practices to be a great way to release tension, stress, and restore balance to both my mind and body while reducing overall anxiety. Gary has helped me immensely, my ability to feel positive energy has increased, I am much happier, and I can rise above negatively much more effectively now.

1. What made you get into this field?

My grandfather and my mother became well known with both mind reading and escapology with the BBC in the 1950s, they also did palmistry. I taught myself palmistry as well as the other things I do, but the influence was always there from my family from an early age. I guess I always asked myself, “How can I help others?” So, after years of studying the things that I enjoyed, it eventually all came together in a professional way.

2. What has been your favorite aspect of this work?

Helping people to find themselves and learning from them whatever I may need to learn.

3. Can you explain what Reiki is and what a typical session looks like from start to finish?

Reiki is energy, as we are all energy from one source. Reiki healing works from the core within, finding the original source of the problem and then moving outward from the body releasing the toxins which may have been suppressed for some time. When I give a session of Reiki healing it will normally last for 50 minutes where the client is totally relaxed. I use hand positions while lightly touching just above the body. Towards the end of the session, I will also use Tibetan healing bowls as sound healing which spirals the old energy out of the body and brings in new and refreshing energy. I will end the session by smudging with Paulo Santos, a healing stick for cleansing.

4. What sort of challenges can Reiki be effective for and why?

Reiki is very beneficial for stress, relaxation, anxiety, and many other issues that we may have. Reiki finds its way to the cause.

5. Is there a technique in your practice that you have found to be the most beneficial to the people you work with?

I find that all methods that I use work well and are beneficial to the client, although many people seem to be attracted to palmistry where I also use tarot cards. Quite often, after I have given guidance, I’m then asked for another serve to help the person. This can be Reiki or hypnotherapy. My first book, Now it Begins, that I wrote has also helped many people from all over the world.

6. What is Reiki like from the client’s point of view?

It’s very relaxing, refreshing, and allows them to feel good about themselves. It’s de-stressing and they feel that it has helped them in many ways with any issues that they may have.

7. What would you say to someone who is skeptical about Reiki and its effectiveness? How do you approach that?

I would say just try it! You have nothing to lose but only to gain since it can offer many beneficial results.

8. Besides Reiki, do you have any universal health and well-being tips that you’d like to share?

Learn Reiki, then you will have a tool to give to yourself and to others. Doing this will change your life. Practice meditation to calm the mind. Lately, since the pandemic, I have been giving distant healing online around the world and teaching others how to meditate.

9. If there was one piece of advice that you could give to someone who is struggling, what would it be?

Go beyond the fear and being to work on yourself.

10. For someone who is interested in this modality of healing, what kinds of resources would you recommend?

Be open and willing to change!

Final Thoughts

Speaking from personal experience, I know the massive effects Reiki can have on the central nervous system. I’ve seen first hand the improvements in my relaxation and sleep which have reduced anxiety and negative thoughts. I encourage you to step outside the box and open your mind to Reiki treatments if you feel bogged down by emotions and stress.

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