How to Improve Energy Throughout Your Body with Meditation and Yoga? Interview with Alice Powell

How to Improve Energy Throughout Your Body with Meditation and Yoga? Interview with Alice Powell

Sitting in absolute silence and focusing only on your breath is something that is naturally uncomfortable for humans. Our minds race and our bodies squirm to do some form of activity. It can be challenging to focus on the moment instead of thinking about what you have to do later.

This disruption is what causes us to become completely disconnected from ourselves. We focus on what’s coming next instead of truly living in the moment. Alice uses meditation and yoga practices to help her students regain energy throughout their bodies to reignite a connectedness within themselves.

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How to Improve Energy Throughout Your Body with Meditation and Yoga? Interview with Alice Powell

Tell me about your professional background.

Back in 2019, I took my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with the amazing Sacred Paths yoga in Ubud, Bali which was an incredible experience. Combining the spiritual side of yoga with the philosophical aspects. My training focused on the Hatha, Vinyasa style of yoga but I now delve into Restorative. I also studied with Gateway Workshops completing a Seated Acupressure on Site Massage Accredited Diploma, focusing on working with lines of Meridians in the body, working with energy. Energy is a huge part of how I work with my clients. 

What made you want to get into this field?

Ever since I can remember wellness and spirituality have played a huge part in my life. Before even realizing I wanted to go into a career with it, it has always been within me as part of growing up. Questioning everything and never being satisfied with playing between the lines, led me to realize that my passion for discovering myself is actually part of helping others discover more of them. My passion for living truthfully, authentically, and expressively really pushed me into this field, in the healthiest way possible. Being surrounded by powerful knowledgeable mentors encouraged me to pave my own way into becoming a teacher. This line of work is saturated with many amazing teachers and coaches, which made me want to find my own individual style and voice. Wanting to tell my story and share what I know. Something I encourage anyone to discover. 

What has been your favorite aspect of this work?

First and foremost my favorite aspect of this work has been getting to know myself on a deeper level. I truly believe that before you can even think about holding space for others that you have to learn how to hold space for yourself. To feel that anchoring into myself allows me to use my knowledge and wisdom for others, it’s a very relatable practice. I also adore watching others discover aspects of themselves through my offerings.

Having my students feel validated and then verbally thank me is the best feeling. Helping people discover what they are capable of and awakening them to their truest potential is definitely one of my favourite aspects of this work. Finally, the endless possibilities that this field brings! Yoga and meditation are really an umbrella for different ways of expression and expressions are limitless.

Can you explain what meditation is and what a typical session is like from start to finish?

In a simple term, meditation is basically coming back to yourself. It is often associated with something very inaccessible but truth is, it is one of the simplest ways of connecting. It allows you to sit with your body inside your mind and become aware of where you are, you are, and what you feel. A way of becoming back in touch with yourself.

Sometimes very frustrating and can be a hard concept because we as humans aren’t used to sitting with no distractions alone in quiet. Which to some can sound a bit off-putting but it can be the best form of therapy.

Quiet the mind and the soul speaks’ is one of my favorite quotes and holds so much truth. The moment we sit with ourselves is when we have the ability to listen to what is within and what it has to say.

A meditation session can vary, at the start either sitting or lying down. Firstly becoming familiar with the space around you, smells, taste, sounds. Settling into your space before going any further. Then I take my students off on a journey of awareness into the body, scanning through the physical body – each body part. I also like to add in a theme, e.g. strength, releasing, intention setting. To end, finally come back to the physical body very slowly and easefully, where we end with a little movement in fingers and toes.

How do you believe meditation and yoga can be helpful in healing and general well-being?

I believe that yoga and wellbeing are a form of healing. It reminds us to look after the body and mind. It essentially is the journey of awareness in body, mind, surrounding, nature, environment, and people. Through awareness, we are shown truth and truth is a form of healing. Yoga in many ways is a form of therapy in itself. Mindfully moving our bodies in such a way that brings us back into connection with all that we are! 

It starts to circulate energy throughout the physical body. Mind and body are very much connected as one, so using yoga as a form of release can start to open up new realms of healing. I see yoga and meditation as this big umbrella of new ways to get to know your true self and live the most fulfilled life possible. 

How to Improve Energy Throughout Your Body with Meditation and Yoga? Interview with Alice Powell

Is there a technique in your practice that you have found to be the most beneficial to the people you work with?

I would say one of the most beneficial and effective ways of working with clients is to be real and relatable, as they come to their practice for someone to validate, understand and make them feel at ease. My style of teaching works a lot with a dharma talk. So incorporating a lot of meaning and themes into my sessions, enabling there to be something for them to go deeper into discovering.

I also like to set the tone in my sessions, whether that’s on zoom or in real life, I like to use candles, smellies, lights, etc. This is something I’ve always resonated with when going to other teachers’ sessions, so is something I like to incorporate. I also usually use my homemade essential oil blends for a mini head massage at the end of my yoga sessions (pre covid days).

What are meditation and yoga like from the patient’s point of view?

From the student’s point of view, these tools are something that enables a way to feel good, relaxed, and released. Student’s come to yoga to move their body to feel that lift of energy and a sense of reconnection back to themselves. People usually come to yoga to find something that is lacking in their life, whether that’s reconnection, flexibility, healing, etc. It offers them something to dive into in whatever way feels authentic for them and within whatever limitation or abilities they have. 

How to Improve Energy Throughout Your Body with Meditation and Yoga? Interview with Alice Powell

What would you say to someone who is skeptical about meditation and yoga and their effectiveness? How do you approach that?

I would say first of all to try easing into it. A lot of the time it can be people’s pre-judgment of it prior to actually trying anything out, maybe from what they’ve heard. A lot of how yoga and meditation are advertised often makes it out to be something that is either too hard or inaccessible. What people sometimes don’t realize is that it is subject to each individual. There are so many levels and versions of both yoga and meditation as a way to suit each person’s needs. It really can be tangible for everyone, whatever age, level, or ability. 

I’d suggest trying out a simple beginners class whether that is online or in-person, and see how you get on, it takes dedication and patience but so worth it. 

Besides meditation and yoga, do you have any universal health and well-being tips that you’d like to share?

General wellbeing aside from yoga and meditation is something that I find essential and all part of living your best physical and emotional experience in life. 

One really essential tip for wellbeing I always live by is connecting to nature and getting outside as much as possible, whether that’s walking, running, exercising, whatever it is that can connect you back to nature. We are all made up of all 4 elements, water, fire, air, earth, and are so much more connected to them than we realize. 

Another tip I love to live by is eating good food. Food is energy and energy is what we are made of. Being consciously aware of what you are consuming and where your food comes from. Becoming attuned to what your body reacts to and what makes it feel good. Eat the rainbow! Have a decent variety of food groups. You are what you eat.

Finally, surround yourself with people who uplift you and bring out the best in you. Find people who you resonate with on a level that makes you feel worthy, loved, and understood. Having quality human interactions makes life so much brighter.

If there was one piece of advice you could give to someone who is struggling, what would it be?

To find some time to connect back to you. Do something for yourself and be gentle. It’s so important to listen when you are struggling, the body and mind don’t lie and it often means we need to give ourselves a little more love. A simple exercise you can do is to write down how you feel, let yourself open up as much as possible, and remind yourself that no-one will be reading it, so really let go. 

When we struggle mentally it’s often that something needs to be opened up or released, so finding a simple exercise that you feel softens the feeling a little can really help. It could be taking a walk somewhere out the way of people and just talking out loud, or sitting quietly listening to your favorite music with little distractions. Find something that can encourage the emotion out in order to release and move forward. But always be gentle when initially starting this. 

Talk to someone who you trust and make sure they offer you a supported and judgment-free environment to do so.

 A problem shared is a problem halved.

What resources would you recommend?

Podcasts are my favorite way of staying inspired and learning! Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place is very interesting, listening to certain guests’ views on wellbeing and their experiences – especially Wim Hof, his episode was awesome. Yoga Girl’s ‘Conversations from the heart’ is a beautifully honest podcast that talks about her experiences right from the heart. Mel Wells ‘love sex and magic’ is very insightful and goes into depth about relationships and self-love. 

Books, wow there are so many! A few I love are Lunar Living – Kirsty Gallagher.

Vagina by Naomi Wolf. Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman. Oneness with all life by Eckhart Tolle. To name a few! 

Books are an amazing way of continuously learning.

How to Improve Energy Throughout Your Body with Meditation and Yoga? Interview with Alice Powell

Wellbeing begins in your mind and practices that allow you to calm your mind and reconnect with your body will promote overall health. Alice helps people all over the world find this balance within themselves, you can learn more about what she does by visiting her website or connecting with her on Instagram:



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How to Improve Energy Throughout Your Body with Meditation and Yoga? Interview with Alice Powell

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