Learn How to Combat Physical, Mental, and Emotional Issues with Reiki with Mhakea

Learn How to Combat Physical, Mental, and Emotional Issues with Reiki with Mhakea

Stress is a destructive force within us that can have a multitude of nasty manifestations. When we let stress build up, it can cause physical pain, such as headaches; mental issues, such as anxiety, and emotional chaos, such as angry outbursts. Getting a handle on the stressors in your life can significantly improve your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Reiki is a noninvasive form of therapy that uses energy and light to readjust your own physical energy and realign your Chakras. Mhakea is a Reiki practitioner who channels her energy to help the people she works with to heal. Learn more about Mhakea and her work here:

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Learn How to Combat Physical, Mental, and Emotional Issues with Reiki with Mhakea

About Mhakea and her work:

My professional background is in clinical social work.   I have a bachelor of science in sociology with a minor in anthropology. My master’s degree is in social work. I’m a licensed therapist and have always been interested in mental health. I began my career with nonprofit agencies before moving to hospital systems, where I did psychiatric assessments and discharge planning. 

Being a social worker, the focus is always on wellness. The wellness space is vast and exciting; it’s like a self-help playground.  I found Reiki many years ago while on my own healing journey.  I met an energy practitioner at a meditation and mediumship retreat, and I was intrigued but never explored it.  About a year after that meeting, I began dreaming about energy work.  I had tingling in my hands for days after the dreams.  I had never even experienced a Reiki session, but I knew I was called to do it, so I scheduled a session and registered for a Reiki class later that same day.  It felt so natural. I didn’t need to fully understand how it worked because I felt it.  I can’t even explain it, but I just knew.  

As a Reiki practitioner, I find many aspects of the work rewarding and fulfilling.  I don’t think I can choose a favorite.  I love the profound sense of connection and presence I feel when practicing Reiki.  During a Reiki session, I allow myself to be a channel for healing energy to flow through me and into the client.  It is a powerful and humbling experience, and I am always amazed by the ways in which Reiki can bring about healing and transformation.  It’s incredible when my clients contact me months later and share the insight they’ve gained or the changes they’ve made in their lives because of the new motivation they’ve attributed to our session.

I also love teaching Reiki.  Sharing this practice has really been a beautiful experience for me.  I really value the sense of community that comes with being a Reiki practitioner.  I have connected with so many wonderful people through my work, students, clients, and other practitioners.  It is a joy to be part of a community of people who are dedicated to promoting healing and well-being.

Reiki explained:

I always recommend that clients drink water before and after their sessions.  Staying hydrated helps the energy flow.  During an in-person session, the client lies down entirely clothed while the practitioner places their hands on or near their body to channel the energy.  Since Reiki is energy, it can be sent anywhere at any time.  This allows for distance sessions that are held without the person being physically present.  Before I start, I send my clients a music link of healing frequencies to listen to during the session.  I begin all of my sessions by assessing the clients’ chakras for blockages. 

Blocked chakras can explain a lot of symptoms.  Next, I unblock the chakras by sending Reiki.  Your chakras are like a spiritual bloodstream; sometimes, the pathways get blocked, like a clogged pipe.  Reiki releases and moves those blockages out of the way, leaving the client open for healing.  After the session, I send the client information on what chakras were blocked, if any, and what they can do to maintain the health of those chakras.  I also send crystal recommendations.  I’m big on crystals.  I have selenite built into the walls of my house.

What it’s beneficial for:

Reiki is effective for many health challenges because it works holistically, addressing the underlying imbalances and blockages that can contribute to physical, emotional, and mental health issues.  Reiki can help bring balance, harmony, and well-being in all areas of life by promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and supporting the body’s natural healing processes. 

As a Reiki practitioner, I can explain the potential benefits of a Reiki session:

Reduces Stress and Promotes Relaxation: One of the most significant benefits of Reiki is its ability to reduce stress and promote relaxation.  It can help calm the mind, reduce anxiety, and create a sense of peace and well-being.

Helps with Pain Management: Reiki has been shown to help alleviate pain and discomfort. The energy can help to promote healing by reducing inflammation and increasing circulation. This can benefit chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, migraines, and fibromyalgia.

Boosts Immune System: When the body is relaxed, it can better fight illness and disease.

Enhances Mental Clarity and Focus: Reiki can also help to enhance mental clarity and focus. It can help clear the mind of negative thoughts and promote greater awareness and mindfulness.

Promotes Emotional Healing: Reiki can also help with emotional healing by promoting a greater sense of balance and inner peace. It can help release emotional blockages and promote greater self-awareness and understanding.

Improves Sleep: Reiki can be a helpful tool for improving sleep. Promoting relaxation and reducing stress, it can help the body to fall into a deeper, more restful sleep.

It is important to note that while Reiki can be a helpful complementary therapy, it should not be used as a substitute for traditional medical treatment.

Learn How to Combat Physical, Mental, and Emotional Issues with Reiki with Mhakea

How it works:

There isn’t one specific technique, but I do notice that my clients are more in tune with the physical sensations in their body during a distance reiki session when they are in the comfort of their own home versus in person. There are fewer distractions of unfamiliar sounds, allowing people to surrender to the process.  Currently, I’m doing distance Reiki sessions exclusively.

What a Reiki session feels like is different for everyone.  It can feel like a deep meditation.  Some people see swirling colors or feel tingling or soft vibrations in some regions of their bodies.  Many people fall asleep.  Others don’t feel a thing, and that is perfectly okay.  The energy will do what it should, no matter what you feel. 

As an energy practitioner, I understand that Reiki may seem like a mysterious practice to those who are unfamiliar with it.  Though I only encounter skepticism from people who want to understand how it works.  First, I would acknowledge that Reiki may not be for everyone and that it is okay to have questions and doubts. I would then offer to share my personal experiences with Reiki and provide information on a typical session.

I would also explain that Reiki is a complementary therapy and is not meant to replace traditional medical treatment. Instead, it can be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment to support the body’s natural healing process. I might also offer to connect them with resources such as studies, articles, or books that explore the benefits of Reiki and its effectiveness in promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Finally, I would invite them to experience a Reiki session for themselves. Many people find that their doubts are alleviated after experiencing the gentle effects of a Reiki session.  Overall, I believe that it is essential to approach skepticism with empathy and understanding and to provide information and resources to help people make an informed decision about whether Reiki is suitable for them.

Mhakea’s well-being tips:

I believe that good health and well-being are essential for living a happy and fulfilling life.  Here are some universal health and well-being tips that I recommend to all of my clients:  

Spend time with friends: You must look into the eyes and see the smiling faces of people who love you and whom you love in return.  Remember, love is energy, and laughter can be a beautiful manifestation of that and has its benefits.

Move your body: Movement is so important.  Stuck energy can manifest as anxiety or fear; movement helps to release that.  Dance, do yoga, run, walk, and ride a bike.  It all has an energetic frequency that benefits you emotionally and physically.

Spend time outside: Let the sun shine on you. Breathe fresh air.  Pay attention to the sunsets.  Allow yourself to embrace the wonder of mother nature. 

Say Affirmations.  When you change your thoughts, you change your experience.  Affirmations have helped me through tough times and supported me in finding my resilience.  They’ve also aided me in expanding the view of my own ability to transform and growth.  I write my own affirmations.  I believe in them so much that I created an affirmation card deck so that others can learn how to use them and really feel the benefits.  The secret sauce for me has been to choose one affirmation and say it more than three times a day for more than thirty days.     

Get good sleep: Our bodies and minds need rest.  A bedtime routine is essential.

Mhakea’s recommended resources:

A few books that I read early in my awakening were:

  • The 4 Agreements – A practical guide to personal freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • Wishes Fulfilled- Mastering the art of manifesting by Dr. Wayne Dyer
  • Same Soul Many Bodies- Discovering the healing power of future lives through progression therapy by Brian Weiss

Most recently, I read The Awake Dreamer- A guide to lucid dreaming, astral travel, and mastering the dreamscape by Samantha Fey and loved it.  It really helped to understand how to navigate dreams.

A few of my favorite podcasts are:

  • Psychic Teachers
  • Enlightened Empaths
  • Modern Mystic Chronicles
  • Reiki Radio Podcast
Learn How to Combat Physical, Mental, and Emotional Issues with Reiki with Mhakea

The symptoms of blocked chakras include emotional aggression, disinterest in favorite activities, and even body aches. Unblocking these channels and allowing positive energy and light into your body can help eliminate or minimize the physical, mental, and emotional issues you may be experiencing due to these blockages.

Reiki is a powerful tool utilized by Mhakea, who finds her work extremely rewarding since she can connect with all different kinds of people and allow them the space to heal. You can learn more about Mhakea and her work here:

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Ritual Affirmation Deck Instagram


Learn How to Combat Physical, Mental, and Emotional Issues with Reiki with Mhakea

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Learn How to Combat Physical, Mental, and Emotional Issues with Reiki with Mhakea

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