Learn How to Understand Triggers from Trauma with Past Life Healing with Faith Streng

Learn How to Understand Triggers from Trauma with Past Life Healing with Faith Streng

You wouldn’t start reading a book right in the middle, would you? You wouldn’t start watching a movie 45 minutes in, right? You need to understand where it all began first, what’s the back story, and what has happened in the previous moments in order to understand what’s going on right now.

This is how your life works as well and why it’s important to understand your past life in order to address triggers and fears you may have in your current life. Faith Streng in a Past Life Healing practitioner who helps people access these records so they can better understand themselves. Learn more about Faith and her work here:



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Learn How to Understand Triggers from Trauma with Past Life Healing with Faith Streng

Faith’s history with Past Life Healing:

My mother and grandmother were both past life healers! (They wouldn’t have called themselves healers but they were!) I was introduced to Spiritual Response Therapy before my 5th birthday and started practicing myself when I was 19. In my twenties, I went through the first two levels of Reiki training, and then a few years later completed my Master Level and Animal Reiki attunement. I have been reading spiritual literature since my teen years, and those authors have been some of my greatest teachers. I have been teaching workshops and classes with Bene Mudra Wellness since 2020, and this August I am so excited to host my first retreat!

I came to a point, like so many of us reach, where my life became unsustainable. When I examined myself closely, the goals I had been trying to achieve for decades were not actually in alignment with the life I wanted to live. After getting to that zero point, it finally hit me – I AM A HEALER. I love talking about spirituality. I love reading about spirituality. And I REALLY love being able to facilitate healing! That was it. That was the moment my timeline dramatically shifted. I realized that the struggles I had experienced were important for my own healing, but also important for me to help guide others. Suddenly my life made sense!

[My favorite aspect of this work has been] watching the community build! I realized early on that the majority of my clients had no one but me to discuss their spiritual life with. I started introducing them to each other, and that led me to launch the Cosmic Joy Club. It’s a 4-week program where the members not only connect on a soul level with the three others in their group but they also get connected to another Spiritual Buddy in my cosmic crew. I have watched beautiful and deep friendships develop. We are not meant to walk this path alone! When we have a spiritual community that can support, uplift, and comforts us, we can navigate ANYTHING.

What is Past Life Healing?:

Focusing only on this lifetime is like jumping right into the middle chapter of a book. If you don’t understand what happened at the beginning, the middle isn’t going to make any sense! Past Life Healing is the process of realizing trauma (or activating happy memories) that occurred in other time-space realities affecting you today. When we have triggers or fears we don’t understand, most likely they are the result of past life trauma. In my sessions, I start by looking into the chakras. When I find blocks I trace them back to traumatic events. We gather just enough details to see what the lesson is for us, and then we ask that any programs/beliefs no longer serving us be released. The healing happens

immediately. Throughout the session, we will continue on until all the chakras are clear. There is no meditation or trance channeling, but there is usually a lot of laughter!

Learn How to Understand Triggers from Trauma with Past Life Healing with Faith Streng

Health challenges that can be addressed with Past Life Healing:

Literally EVERYTHING. Allergies, IBS, migraines, auto-immune disorders, epilepsy, you name it. Past life healing should NEVER be the only modality used to attain physical alignment, but it is an incredibly potent one! Allergies, for example, can be caused by a traumatic experience (or several) with an allergen. Allergies in dogs can be the result of being injured or killed by dogs in a past life. Allergies in bees can be the result of being killed by bees in a past life. Something like IBS, which is connected to the solar plexus, can be the result of stress, resistance to processing emotions, or hesitancy to step into personal power in this lifetime or others.

For women, challenges in the reproductive system can be the result of birth or pregnancy trauma from another life or feeling emotionally/creatively cut off. When we enter what’s called The Akashic Records (essentially the iCloud of everything that’s ever existed, occurred, or been thought of), we are working with high-level guides to help the soul release that karmic baggage and limiting beliefs.

How many people have had the experience of doing all the things, saying all the affirmations, going to the workshops, etc, and STILL just feel like they can’t maintain the vibration they know they NEED to in order to change their life? A TON. Probably everyone reading this either feels like this now or has felt like that at some point. This is healing that happens beyond the conscious mind. There is no judgment, only compassion for everything you have experienced on your soul’s journey. When we get to the root of the problem, suddenly it becomes easier to align our habits and thought patterns.

Spiritual Response Therapy is my foundation and I have found that to be a powerful and effective healing tool. I don’t always use the charts in my sessions anymore, but after a client has been with me sometime we will move to them. SRT facilitates truly quantum levels of healing.

It is like lightbulb after lightbulb popping on their head. “Oh, that’s why I have a weird relationship with my sister!” “That’s why I’m afraid of heights!” “That’s why I have money blocks!” It is easy for them – they just have to show up for the session! Some clients get sensations in the body or visions themselves. Oftentimes I say something and they will respond with “I was just thinking that!” It’s exciting! There is a sense of relief. Most people feel lighter and more positive after a session.

For the skeptics:

I would tell them to check out the University of Virginia study that tracked children’s memories of reincarnation or read any of the incredible literature about near-death experiences. There are Buzzfeed articles about past lives! I would refer to the mystical branches of every major religion (including Christianity) in which reincarnation was

widely accepted. I would point out the life-changing work found in Many Lives, Many Masters, or anything by Dolores Cannon. (While those pieces are about past life regression as opposed to what I do, the results are similar.) However, an understanding of past lives is not something that every soul has the bandwidth for. Only older souls are called to this work. All beings will come to it in time, though maybe in a later lifetime.

Faith’s universal wellbeing tips:

Find time to meditate, be still, or experience mindfulness every day. Drink lemon in your water and don’t negotiate your self-care. Find any reason you can to be grateful. Keep absorbing spiritual content. Don’t be afraid to let people go. Choose to believe the Universe has your back. Spend more time outside. Let yourself cry when you need to and ask for help when you need it. And definitely talk to fairies.

Ask for help. It doesn’t matter if you ask a person or an angel or the Universe. Just ask for help. And then take a nap.

Faith’s recommended resources:

A few of my favorite books:

The Instruction by Ainslie McLeod

The Power of the Magdalene

The Magdalene Manuscript

Anything by Dolores Cannon

Soul Re-Creation by Robert E. Detzler

Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander M.D.

Learn How to Understand Triggers from Trauma with Past Life Healing with Faith Streng

Understanding your past life and how it affects your current triggers (whether they be negative or positive) will give you a better understanding of yourself so you can further become the best version of yourself.

Learn more about Past Life Healing, the Akashic Records, and Faith Streng’s work here:



TikTok: @faithstreng

Learn How to Understand Triggers from Trauma with Past Life Healing with Faith Streng

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Learn How to Understand Triggers from Trauma with Past Life Healing with Faith Streng

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