How to Use Past, Between and Future Life Regression Therapy for Better Karma – Interview with Abdo Chouchani

How to Use Past, Between and Future Life Regression Therapy for Better Karma - Interview with Abdo Chouchani

Imagine being able to go into such a deep state of trance that you were able to access memories from past lives that have been buried. Now imagine using those experiences to make better choices or to heal a current situation.

This week, we welcome back, Abdo Chouchani to talk to us about this form of deep hypnosis that can be beneficial for your overall health and your health going forward.

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How to Use Past, Between and Future Life Regression Therapy for Better Karma - Interview with Abdo Chouchani

Tell me about your professional background with Past/ Between and Future Life Regression?

Time is malleable. The past, present, and future coexist in a single moment. Reincarnation is a possibility. And this present life might be a blip in a constellation of lives that compose our soul’s identity.

I am Abdo Chouchani Certified in:

*Complete Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Diploma from the “Kew Training Academy”.

*Advanced Past Life Regression Diploma from the “Kew Training Academy”.

*Certificate of Completion in Between Lives Regression Therapy from the “Past Life Awakening Institute”.

*Certificate of Completion in Hypnosis for Spiritual Awakening and Healers from the “Past Life Awakening Institute”.

I have been practising and teaching these modalities since 2018 in addition to Reiki, Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP, and meditation.

What inspired you to get into Past / Between and Future Life Regression?

Because we are spiritual beings having a human experience in this world because we need to be the change we want to see in others. I have spent time gathering all of the best modalities, concepts and techniques, spiritual and psychological with my unique intuitive style to help people control their body, mind and spirit, their emotional state, and their lives and to stretch their thinking in a multi-dimensional way. I realized that Past Life, Between lives and Future life therapies, are indispensable to the healing path of everyone. 

What has been your favourite aspect of this type of work?

I have always had a strong inner passion and keenness to help others and I have come to recognize it as my true calling in life. I am deeply dedicated to helping others on their journey as well as guiding them to recognize their true-life path.

Can you explain what Past / Between and Future Life Regression is and what a typical session for each is like from start to finish?

Past Life Regression is an advanced hypnotherapy technique – a form of deep hypnosis that seduces your brain into a trancelike state, to prompt you to recall memories back through time hidden and buried deep in your subconscious. It can help us to explore and reconnect with past life experiences to heal what we have been holding onto for hundreds or thousands of years! 

Life Between Life Regression Therapy is the next stage of the healers’ path. It can help put into words and focus our spiritual understandings, so it can be applied practically to assist our spiritual insights and journey.

Life Between Lives is going Between the Present Life and the Past Life, between past lives and between the present life and future life.

In Past Life Regression we meet our Spirit Guides for a past life review. While Life Between Lives extends the interaction with the Spirit Guides for personal karma and adds meetings with the inner and outer Soul Group for collective karma and the Soul Council for past, current and future body and life selection decisions, and spiritual lessons. Crucially the therapeutic and healing resolution now comes more from big picture spiritual lessons into the present life.

Future Life Progression will not tell us definitively about our future. We can recall getting previews of the future, but not in such a specific way that it overly affects how the future plays out. The information given tends to be purely thematic rather than specific. Life previews given, are of many possible pathways, contingent on a series of crossroads. Previews tend to be more of the causative events, and less of the effects. So, previews could show details of the outcomes of lives. They are more likely to show decision points, which are opportunities for many actions, forking off into many more possible outcomes. 

At the end of the session, whether it was traumatic or not, it is still important to do the healing interventions and the therapy with the clients. It is at these points that they may become aware of significant things from that past or future life that may still be affecting them today in their current life. And when the therapy is done we awaken the clients to normal consciousness and we discuss the experience.

How do you believe Past / Between and Future Life Regression can be helpful in healing and general well-being? What kind of issues can past life regression help people with?

This is the nature of the universe. Everything is connected, and everything is occurring simultaneously. Your present life can also influence your past life or alternate life for the exact same reason: Everything is occurring simultaneously. That is why it is important to be present and conscious about the decisions you are making and how you are making them. Otherwise, you could be creating karma for yourself in other existences. At any given moment, you have the choice to live from a higher vibration, to evolve in some way. Opportunities are always showing up in the present moment for you to choose a higher vibration and learn your lesson. If we choose to resist, we make problems for ourselves because we are just not evolving as we should be.

Past Life Regression explores unresolved emotions which have carried through into this lifetime, creating fears, phobias or limiting beliefs that we have been unable to explain, heal Trauma from Past Lives, release blockages that are stopping us from moving forward in life, help us understand why we feel a deep connection with certain persons and/or places, explore Promises & Contracts, residual energies, Karma, souls that are holding us back in this lifetime that originate from Past Lives and to identify physical ailments we have, which may be remnants of past life experiences. 

And in advanced levels, with DNA Healing we can change or heal our DNA to heal genetic diseases. With Genetic Lines Healing we will be looking at what has been brought through the generations that are existing still within your cells. It gives us a great awareness that if there is actually an ethos or a self-worth issue or anything genetic, we need to let go because it does not belong to us. And when exploring the Karmic Wheel Healing, we will be looking at exactly what groups or what tribes we belong to, and we have been part of in the past where we can go and let go of these attachments and repetitive patterns and energies and be free from our karmic wheel.

We conduct a Life Between Lives Regression when we have complex karmic issues, so it is harder to come to a clean conclusion, we have multiple past lives, so each session raises more questions than answers, we spontaneously go into a realm of unusually wise spiritual wisdom, we have a strongly spiritually orientated personality or presenting issue, we are interested in accessing spiritual wisdom, we are willing to explore a future life progression, we are a Hypnotherapist, Life or Spiritual coach or healer, Psychic, Medium, Intuitive Empath, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Crystal Healer, Meditation Teacher, Chakra Healer, or we communicate with Spirit Guides and Angels or anyone working to improve his spiritual and awakening healing path.

We conduct a Future Life Progression to create the life we want, that we deserve, we identify the limiting beliefs and blocks that hold us back now and stop us from creating our future as we want it. We can develop an intention for a future life, body and circumstances. 

How to Use Past, Between and Future Life Regression Therapy for Better Karma - Interview with Abdo Chouchani

Is there a technique or modality in this practice that you have found to be the most beneficial to the people you work with?

Each modality is beneficial depending on the case we are facing, for that I gathered all of the best modalities, concepts and techniques, spiritual and psychological to help people control their body, mind and spirit, their emotional state, and their lives covering most of the possible issues they might face.

What is Past / Between and Future Life Regression like from the patient’s point of view?

Clients that come for a Regression session are coming for one of two reasons: They are coming out of curiosity and want to explore a Past Life of theirs and perhaps prove to themselves that they have existed before this current incarnation, or they have an issue that they wish to resolve and would like to get to the root cause of the issue. They may have been suffering from physical pain; they may have a relationship or emotional issues and have tried everything to be able to resolve it. In these cases, as a Past Life Regression therapist, you are very likely to be the last stop for them! They may have tried everywhere else including conventional medicine and other alternative therapies but none of these has been able to shift what is happening for them. 

This is because the roots of their issue are in a Past Life of theirs. You will be helping to heal them from hundreds and thousands of years of what they are carrying with them in this lifetime. 

So, know that when your client contacts you or comes to see you, they will fall into one of the above categories, Curiosity or An Issue? You can then adapt the session and the wording of the Regression to suit your client. 

What’s the process to get someone into the deep state needed to go into the trance?

A Certified Past Life or Between Lives Therapist induces a state of intense concentration or focused attention. This is a guided process with verbal cues and repetition.

The trance-like state you enter may appear similar to sleep in many ways, but you’re fully aware of what’s going on.

While you are in this trance-like state, your therapist will make guided suggestions designed to help you achieve your therapeutic goals.

When the session is complete, your therapist will wake you from the trance-like state, or you will exit it on your own.

Can anyone go into their past lives?

It is not a matter of whether someone can be hypnotized and access his past lives, but whether he will allow himself to be helped to enter hypnosis and access past lives scenes. 

Yes, anyone can access their past life but not everybody is successful the first time. There can be a number of reasons that somebody may not regress back to a past life. The most common reason for not going back is that the client is just he is not ready to see what is there. There is a safeguard in the subconscious mind that will not allow past life memories to come if the individual is not yet ready to see what happened.

Another common reason for not regressing is that the individual may have so much to deal with in his life right now, that he could not handle more work until the present concerns are resolved.

Sometimes you may find there are issues from childhood that arise and need to be dealt with before past life regression can be successful. In this case, age regression must be done first.

Almost everyone is capable of being regressed to a past life. It does not seem to have anything to do with religious belief or spiritual orientation. I have regressed Christians, Muslims, Druze and many people that have doubted this process. And most have had wonderful past life regressions. 

To recapitulate, most people go into hypnosis easily once they understand that they remain conscious and do not surrender their will and they will not be stuck in past lives. Fear of loss of control, which is just a myth, is the main reason some people will not allow themselves to be hypnotized, but if a person is comfortable with the process and with the therapist and knows what to expect, it is surprisingly easy.

Are multiple sessions better or a single is enough?

Although one session can be helpful for some people, most therapists will tell you to begin therapy with three sessions minimum depending on each case. 

Noting that by bringing a different focused intention or issue to solve, you can repeat these same sessions and yet get very different results. 

How to Use Past, Between and Future Life Regression Therapy for Better Karma - Interview with Abdo Chouchani

What to prepare for your first past life regression session?

Not drinking alcohol or recreational drugs or heavy meals and having a good night sleep on the previous night can be very helpful. The clearer your mind, the better the session will be.

Planning some time off before and after the session, so that you can have some introspection and retrospection. This will also maximize the benefits of a session.

Trusting the mind’s ability to connect dots. 

You can bring with you a list of questions you would like to address, including childhood issues, health concerns, negative relationships, addictions, unwanted patterns, financial situation, life decisions, questions about the future, problems a family member or close friend is having, etc.

Setting the intention to have a great session. Your Subconscious knows everything about you and will know that you have planned a Past Life Regression session, so it will be ready to communicate what is needed when the time comes. It is important to understand that your conscious self will be taking a back seat during the session, so the more you welcome a conversation with the Subconscious before the session, the better prepared you will be.

If I were to have a past regression session, what should I ask my superconscious?

In the pre-talk or consultation, the therapist prepares the subconscious and superconscious mind of the client, the practitioner should find out why the client wants to be regressed. Is there a relationship, pattern, fear, or phobia or is it just curiosity? Knowing the purpose of the session helps both the client and the therapist and setting a clear intention for the subconscious mind will help the therapist guiding the clients back to the right place and time for the greatest healing. I believe sessions are guided by the client superconscious mind, higher self, and guides.

Do the regression exercises always evoke memories of past lives? Is this the only way to have such memories?

The therapist discusses with the client the different types of regressions that people commonly experience before beginning the session. Although the intention may be to explore a specific lifetime, these sessions often take on a life of their own and head in another direction. Trust that they will always go to just the right place. 

Occasionally a past life regression becomes a childhood regression because there are some issues that need to be addressed before you can go back to a past life.  Some people access one single Lifetime others access Multiple lifetimes in order for the therapist to notice a pattern develop.

I believe that there is a safeguard in the subconscious that will direct a client to just the right place as needed.

There are two other ways to crack open the book of life and start skipping around the chapters. The first is meditation, a form of deep hypnosis that seduces your brain into a trancelike state, to prompt you to recall memories buried deep in your subconscious. The other is an Akashic Records reading since every moment of your soul’s existence is contained within the Akashic Records of your soul’s energy field. 

What are the memories like that come during regression?

The memories that come during regression sessions are the significant scenes of the causative event where the issues to heal originated in a past life. The therapist will help their clients access only these scenes.

Most people expect to see vivid visual images during a life regression but not all people do. Memories can come through any of the senses. Some people will experience body memories. They may feel their past life experiences in their body. Some people will simply have a sense or feel or hear of what is going on during the regression. Although visual images may be vague, they will just know what is happening and can describe it to the regression therapist in great detail. 

Although the majority of the population is visual in their imagery, many clients are not, and the therapist must prepare the client before the regression to recognize the way they get the memories. Doing so will help ensure a successful past life regression. 

What is the reason for using images of light, a staircase, and a garden during the process?

There are many ways to induce a hypnotic state. Humans experience hypnotic states naturally in daily life. A hypnotist takes that natural tendency and extends it, to deepen, maintain, and work with it for a long time, to regress to recall and relive memories.

We lead up to formal hypnotic induction into deep hypnosis and past, future or between life regression. We do not try to jump directly into the deep end, we walk into the pool of the mind through the light and medium using images of light, a staircase, a garden, deep breathing, and other imageries.

How can someone know if the memories they have are real, or if they’re fantasies or the result of their imagination?

Some people may have initial doubts in their capacity to connect through hypnosis to their past, between and future lives in this way, and we may have little validity to support them. They should reassure themselves within the fact that their imagination, with which they will be using, actually originates from, and is rooted within an extremely high vibrational source within the spirit world. For them to access other lives halfway between dimensions requires a bridge. their imagination will become that bridge. Remember, thoughts are real. It is the physical that is the illusion.

Are you completely unconscious during the session? Do you remember anything after?

“A person under hypnosis is asleep or unconscious.” – This is probably the most common misconception about hypnosis. You never lose your full sense of awareness or fall asleep in hypnosis. On the contrary, you are actually more fully awake. All levels of hypnosis are characterized by increased attention, and it is this heightened concentration that increases your receptivity to suggestion.

“A person doesn’t remember anything that happens while under hypnosis.” – You will be aware of everything while hypnotized and afterwards unless specific amnesia is suggested for a therapeutic purpose. It is possible that you will have a “dreamy” feeling or feel as if you are drifting back and forth between sleep and wakefulness throughout hypnosis. It is normal for your mind to wander at times. After hypnosis, it is likely that you will probably have a fading memory of the session, similar to emerging from a deep daydream or a nap.

How to Use Past, Between and Future Life Regression Therapy for Better Karma - Interview with Abdo Chouchani

What is the most far back (year /date) you’ve had someone remember during a session?

I do not see any limitation to it. Since everything is happening simultaneously, I do not know if counting them is even an effective way to measure this. I believe there are infinite possibilities when it comes to measuring past lives. The most far back someone remembered is around the year 1200.

Have you had people fighting with some of the answers they received (conscious) and fighting with things they learned about? How does one deal with this battle between the human mind and the deeper spiritual answers received?

In order to grow, expand and evolve spiritually people have to unlearn what they have learned and to learn, again and again, they have to step out of the illusion of separation, to let go of all limiting religious, educational, cultural and systems beliefs. So, they stop repeating the same patterns and traumas that they did not repair and heal.

What would you say to someone skeptical about Past / Between and Future Life Regression and its effectiveness? How do you approach that?

Do Past Life, Between Lives and Future Life Therapies actually work? Do they heal or is it just the placebo effect? Did I Imagine The Whole Thing? How do I know I am not just making it up?

These are the questions asked by someone skeptical about these modalities and their effectiveness, about accessing past or future scenes or memories or meeting spiritual entities especially if they are not spiritual and/or they do not believe in reincarnation. My approach is asking them to “Try it, trust the process, let Go and Let God”

And I will have to address these common concerns before I begin the regression, or the client may be left with too many doubts to benefit from the regression.

I encourage my clients to trust the memories as they come and to reserve critical analysis of the memories until after the session since many people discount what they see and hear during sessions, but it is the emotional element that makes them feel it is a step beyond imagination. People often ask if they imagined it all, even after a session where they had strong emotional reactions to past life memories. I Remind them of their emotional reaction as a convincer that there was an added level of “reality”. 

Once the session is over, they can review the memories and using the conscious mind, decide what the significance is and what action to take. 

I also discuss with the client the difference between thinking about something that may have happened in the past and truly remembering something that happened. When somebody tries to remember or make something up it is often devoid of any feelings. There is little or no emotional charge to something a client makes up but there is often a huge emotional outpouring that comes with truly remembering events from a past life. Regularly checking the feelings and anchoring the positive feelings help to validate the memories and the regression process itself. 

What resources would you recommend to learn more about Past / Between and Future Life Regression? (books, podcasts, websites that you’ve found helpful)

Everything you seek and everything you experience—everything—is inside you. Your subconscious mind is limitless.

I suggest reading the following books to learn more about alternate lives:

How to Use Past, Between and Future Life Regression Therapy for Better Karma - Interview with Abdo Chouchani

Most answers to our problems already lie within us. This special type of hypnosis can help you access this state of mind and then use these memories to aid in your current healing journey.

Abdo has vast experience in this area and helps people access this part of their mind so they can better understand themselves and use this knowledge for their overall holistic journey.

Learn more about Abdo and his work here:




Previous interview with Abdo on Reiki and Meditation

How to Use Past, Between and Future Life Regression Therapy for Better Karma - Interview with Abdo Chouchani

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How to Use Past, Between and Future Life Regression Therapy for Better Karma - Interview with Abdo Chouchani

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