Can You Utilize Your Own Body’s Ability to Heal to Avoid Prescribed Medication, with Zoe Scanlan

Can You Utilize Your Own Body's Ability to Heal to Avoid Prescribed Medication, with Zoe Scanlan

As a parent, you would do anything to protect your child. So when they become ill, you trust a professional to make them feel better. But sometimes in traditional medicine this means harsh modalities like antibiotics that can be less-than-gentle on you or your children’s internal wellbeing.

Zoe Scanlan found herself in this exact situation. Of course she wanted to trust the doctors to heal her child but as someone who had always turned to more natural paths of healing, she feared the potential negative effects of such strong medication. This led her to turn to Homeopathy and helps parents who find themselves in similar situations.

Of course, there is a time and place for traditional medicine, but as Zoe puts it, if you could choose a more natural path and get just as good of results, wouldn’t you? You can learn more about Zoe and her work here:




Can You Utilize Your Own Body's Ability to Heal to Avoid Prescribed Medication, with Zoe Scanlan

About Zoe and how she got started in Homeopathy:

Prior to being a Homeopath, I worked in Climate Change after studying Environmental Management for my Degree and Masters. I did this for some years, until I realised it wasn’t my true calling. This felt important to find, so I left London to travel abroad.

I returned to the UK two years later, moved to Brighton, had my first child and decided to train as a Homeopath – it was a big year! However, working with people in a healing capacity as a Homeopath, felt so natural. It made me realize how hard my previous work had felt. I understood that when you find your vocation, in an area that not only interests you but also uses your natural skills, it enhances life, rather than takes from it.

When I became a mother in 2006, I quickly realised it was a priority to bring my children up naturally. I have always been naturally minded; as a teen I loved working in our local health food shop, and would choose ‘cruelty-free’ cosmetics, organic food, natural forms of medicine and avoid chemicals wherever I could. I remember my University friends teasing me when I offered my Aloe Vera plant’s leaves for anyone who had a spot, burn or rash!

However, as a new mum, responsible for another, this felt like it was taken to another level, and I didn’t feel prepared at all…

When I was planning my home birth, I went into “Neal’s Yard”, my local health shop for advice. I bought my first Homeopathy kit that day, and whilst I didn’t have a clue about Homeopathy at that time, or how to use the remedies, it did play an important role.

When my son was 10 weeks old, I noticed a blister on his leg. The following day it had burst and was an oozing open wound. It looked so out of place on his new fresh skin and we were perplexed where it had come from. We took him to the emergency doctor who diagnosed impetigo and prescribed antibiotics. I pleaded with him for a cream or a less harsh option as I had heard about the damage antibiotics can do to the gut, but there was none.

By the time we got home, I could feel panic rising. I was acutely aware I had no idea what else I could do to treat him, and was starting to feel like an “irresponsible parent” if I didn’t follow the Doctor’s advice. It was then the helpline I had noticed on the back of the Homeopathy kit came to mind. So I made a deal with myself – I would try one natural form of treatment that felt more aligned to my way of thinking, and if that didn’t work then I would consider the antibiotics. I had no idea if Homeopathy could help or not, but I was willing to try anything else at this point.

I called Helios’s Homeopathic Pharmacy and explained our situation. They posted a remedy, which arrived the following morning. I gave one of the small pillules that morning, one at lunch and a dose at bedtime. When I was giving him that final evening dose, I was sure the wound looked a bit better, but realised how unlikely that would be, so put it down to wishful thinking! However, by the following morning there was no mistaking it, the impetigo had healed. There was no more redness or oozing wound, just a healthy scab. I was quite taken aback. “How had those small pills healed that horrible wound so quickly?”. I was compelled to know more, and started my 4 year professional training just a few weeks later.

Sixteen years later I still say, if I had never used my Homeopathy training professionally, the four year training course would still have been time well spent, for the knowledge and

confidence it gave me to support mine and my children’s health, naturally. My children are 16 and 12 years old now, and have only ever taken Homeopathy and natural remedies (herbs, flower essences and supplements etc) to treat their fevers, coughs, colds, stomach upsets, earaches, fears, sleep issues… the list is long! This has been a great blessing for me as a parent, but for them too. They are strong and healthy, with great immune systems, and I feel sure the use of long term Homeopathy contributed greatly to this.

Zoe’s favorite aspect of her work:

With regards to my work, I genuinely love it all, but one aspect that brings me extra joy is helping children with behavioural issues or suffering from anxieties, such as nervous tics, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorders), school phobia, fear of the dark or generalised worries. My experience is that Homeopathy is wonderful for treating this sort of imbalance (in adults too!). I have seen it is possible to achieve fast and permanent relief. 

When you can achieve these outcomes, they are not only wonderful for the child, but for the parents too, who have often been struggling to manage a difficult situation. I also love to empower and support mothers to treat as much of their children’s health issues themselves, using Homeopathy and natural remedies, as I did for my boys. I believe there is a place for all forms of medicine, but if we can reduce or avoid the need for pharmaceutical drugs for our children by using natural alternatives, then all the better.

Homeopathy and its benefits:

Homeopathy is an alternative (and complementary) form of medicine, for those who want to use less pharmaceutical medication. It is natural and gentle by nature, and usually given in pill form (small sugar pills) and it can be used to treat physical or emotional ailments, both chronic (long term) or acute (short lived eg fevers or first aid situations).

It is one of the most holistic and complete forms of healing in my opinion, as it seeks to resolve the cause of health problems, rather than using a ‘sticking plaster’ to suppress (remove) symptoms.

Another important aspect of Homeopathy is that it is an energy medicine. It harnesses healing energies from different aspects of our environment. For example, Arnica Montana is taken from a daisy-like plant, and is used for bruises and shock; Phosphorus is a mineral and can be used to treat nosebleeds or fears of the dark; and Lachesis, taken from snake venom, can be used to treat tonsillitis or premenstrual rage!

It is based on the principle “like cures like”, where a minute quantity of a substance is used to heal symptoms it would create if taken in a crude (material) form. Allium Cepa 30c is our remedy made of red onion. Most of us have experienced eye irritation when chopping onions. Allium Cepa is used to treat conditions such as a cold or hay-fever, where the eyes become similarly irritated and red. Another good example is Coffea, the Homeopathic remedy made from coffee. We all know the buzz and stimulation we feel after drinking a cup of coffee? Thus, Coffea is used to treat insomnia, when our minds feel overstimulated with so many thoughts, that it is then hard to fall asleep.

Can You Utilize Your Own Body's Ability to Heal to Avoid Prescribed Medication, with Zoe Scanlan

What a Homeopathic session looks like:

Usually a Homeopathy session lasts for around an hour, sometimes the first session is longer, as more information is required. I meet with my clients in person or online – both work well. As Homeopaths we work to understand the cause of symptoms, as there is often more to a symptom than initially meets the eye. We also like to know how our clients feel, even if the main problem presenting is physical. All of this helps us choose the best remedy.

Homeopathy treats the person, not the symptom, which means that three people coming for help with depression or IBS (irritable Bowel Syndrome), are all likely to be prescribed different remedies!

The Prescription

Once I have decided which remedy fits my client best, if the session is in person I will make it for them then and there, or if the session is online, I will help them find their local Homeopathic pharmacy to order it. I then email their prescription, dosage, handling instructions and follow up date (which varies from 2-4 weeks’ depending on their condition).

Homeopathy has the potential to help with literally any health condition – be it physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual. We differ from conventional medicine in that we don’t need a diagnosis to prescribe. As I said, prescriptions are individualised, so we prescribe on the symptoms that are presenting at that moment.

Here are some recent cases to give you an idea of what Homeopathy can be used for – violence in an autistic teenager, eczema in a baby, low immunity in an adult male, rage in a 3 year old girl, depression in a middle aged woman, nightmares and fear of the dark in a toddler, nervous tics in a small boy, a pregnant couple preparing for a home birth, a persistent post covid cough, anxiety and exhaustion in a young mother. As you can see the scope of application is huge!

Homeopathy is entirely holistic. It seeks to achieve complete healing by finding and resolving the cause of a health issue. There is always a reason for symptoms developing, we just need to identify it. It could be an emotional shock or someone who has (as we say in Homeopathy, “never been well since” Pneumonia, ME (or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I have seen that once these ‘blocks’ are resolved, even if it is from many years prior, true health can begin to be restored.

Modern medicine considers a patient better or cured if they can rid them of their symptoms. Antibiotics can clear an infection and Calpol can bring down a fever, but this doesn’t mean the patient feels well or that the illness is resolved, which is why we often see symptoms return once medication is stopped. Homeopathy works to heal from the inside out. Health is restored when the patient feels better. A mother may observe their unwell child out of their sick bed and play again after a prescribed remedy. The fact that they suddenly seem “better in themselves” shows that the remedy is working and healing has begun and will ripple out.

We understand that all parts of the body and mind are connected. One cannot function if another is out of balance. Hence, we treat both physical and emotional states in all our prescriptions. If someone had an accident, we would look at their emotional response to it in order to choose the correct remedy to help them. Two people with the same experience are likely to have different reactions. One may feel fearful they will die, and are desperate for help and reassurance; the other might feel detached and avoid any help offered, even if it is apparent they need it. Two very different responses, each requiring a different remedy to heal it.

We also trust the intelligence of the body. Trust that it knows what it needs in order to regain or maintain optimal health. Our body is working for us, not against us. So as Homeopaths we aim to work with the body. If we suffer a bout of food poisoning, the body will aim to purge itself of the contaminants. Vomiting and diarrhea will most likely ensue. The medical approach may offer anti-nausea and diarrhea medication, which is suppressing the efforts of the body. Homeopathy works with the body, so after a remedy, symptoms can get worse before they get better. I remember giving my very hungover sister the remedy Nux Vomica 30c. She almost immediately vomited. She was quite upset with me at the time for making her vomit when she was already feeling wretched! But on further reflection she realized she actually felt better for expelling all the toxicity from the night before!

There is no one technique that I use in my practice. I work intuitively and tend to follow what I feel is best for each individual in each moment. We do have some excellent detox protocols that I offer clients who feel they have never been well since a chemical exposure, recreational or medicinal drug. Since we live in such a chemical world, this sort of work is increasingly necessary.

Homeopathy from the patient’s point of view:

I see a Homeopath myself as part of my health maintenance regime. The consultations are mostly online and I always feel so uplifted, heard and equipped with remedies to support my next step or chapter in life. I experience remedies to be able to shift one’s consciousness and thought patterns. I remember a little boy who came to my clinic recently, he’d had an awful shock at a fireworks night, which resulted in him developing a facial and upper body tic. I prescribed him two remedies to take weekly. When he returned a month later his tic had completely disappeared.

Children love the small sugary remedies, so it is rarely a problem to get them to take Homeopathic medicines! On a deeper level, I see children benefiting from the complete focus they receive during their session, and then from their parents administering the pills – that is why it is so nice for parents to learn how to use homeopathy themselves, to treat their acute health needs – children really feel that.

Some people are skeptical about homeopathy, not helped by the relentless and unwarranted negative press. This is a great shame in my opinion, as it deters people from the potential healing benefits Homeopathy offers. There are no toxic side effects, unlike many pharmaceutical drugs, yet homeopathy gets a bad press. It doesn’t make sense.

It might surprise you to learn that Homeopathy used to be an integrated part of the “modern” health system. In fact, it still is! You can still get homeopathy on the NHS, and there are still a number of NHS funded Homeopathic hospitals (although the names have been changed in recent years). Below are the remaining NHS hospitals that offer Homeopathy:

– Centre for Integrative Care (formerly Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital)

– National Centre for Integrative Medicine aka NCIM (formerly the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital)

– Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine (formerly the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital)

A huge body of scientific research and data is now available to demonstrate the efficacy of Homeopathy, so I suggest referring to this for anyone who is skeptical or unsure if or how it works.

We are also lucky to have the Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI), that is dedicated to conducting and promoting high-quality scientific research into homeopathy, and has a great website with a free database of the latest trials and studies.

Also, Homeopathy UK is our leading charity for the promotion of homeopathy. Its vision is for everyone in the UK to understand the value of homeopathy and be able to access high-quality treatment from registered healthcare professionals. Its great website is also a great resource for the Evidence for Homeopathy, Science and Homeopathy Research papers as well as patient success stories. I would direct critics to these two sites.

Also, to any skeptics reading this – speak to someone who has a direct experience of Homeopathy and see what they say – but you need to listen with an open mind and heart to their lived experience. I have many wonderful stories!

Zoe’s wellbeing tips:

Spend time in nature, sunbathe without suntan cream (or burning!), grow your own fruit and vegetables; do all the things that make you feel happy; meditate and listen to your internal guidance to help decipher what, or indeed who, you need in your life; to love you, help you, heal you, teach you!

Making some quiet time each day to connect to yourself will help access this valuable information. I love to do a short meditation in the mornings. It helps me in so many ways – to feel relaxed, to focus on what I want to achieve in my day, gain support or clarity in challenges, plus the day always flows so much smoother when I make this time to connect with myself a priority.

Don’t be alone! Tell someone you are struggling, and ask for the help you need – whether it is from your family and friends, angels or God – whomever you believe that to be. I really believe in the power of prayer.

When I was young I thought it was a sign of weakness to ask for help, now I realise the opposite is true. It takes strength to be vulnerable, admit it and seek support. We are tribal beings at heart, and can all help each other, so dip into the pool of skills and resources in your local or online community. We all need to do this at times in life.

Lastly, know you can heal, whatever it is you are struggling with, never give up – and if you doubt that, read the Medical Medical books, they are an incredible source of hope!

Zoe’s resources:


Well, I have to tell you about my lovely booklet -“Homeopathy & Natural Remedies for

Children”! I put this together through the years bringing up my boys, when I used just Homeopathy and natural remedies to treat all their health needs. It is a great little resource for parents, or anyone wanting to start using Homeopathy. It is clearly laid out with comprehensive information but simple and succinct to use. After a general introduction about first aid homeopathic remedies, tissue salts, herbs, essential oils, flower essences and natural remedies, and how to care for your unwell children yourself naturally, there is a page for each of the most common childhood health complaints (such as coughs, colds, fevers, diarrhoea, constipation, nappy rash, chicken pox, mumps and emotional wellbeing) listing Homeopathy, natural remedies and practical advice to support your child.

If you wanted to order a copy. It is £12 (incl P&P) here.

Useful website:

Homeopathy UK is a charity that works to promote the use of Homeopathy in the UK. It has set up a number of low cost clinics for people to access around the UK, has a useful

database helping people find registered Homeopaths in their area “Find-a-Homeopath” and has a great quarterly ‘Health & Homeopathy’ magazine. The website is a great resource about the Evidence for Homeopathy, Science and Homeopathy, Research papers, Success stories, Blogs, grant information and a comprehensive Conditions Database – showing how Homeopathy can help with different health issues.


I love to listening and learning from Podcasts, here are a few of my current favorites:

● Homeopathy Hangout with Eugenie Kruger – this lovely homeopath covers almost100 (to date) fascinating topics from within the world of Homeopathy. She interviews Homeopaths from around the world and empowered mothers using Homeopathy for their families, explores Homeopathy for animals, Homeopathy in Midwifery,

Homeopathy for postnatal depression, Cell Salts (Tissues Salts), Addiction and Homeopathy, Homeopathy and Chronic Illness and Homeopathic Psychiatric asylums in the US – which was new to me and so much more! Here is the link.

● The Medical Medium by Anthony Williams – incredible information to help people heal and overcome chronic illnesses.

● The Medicine Stories by Amber Magnolia Hill – about herbalism, plant wisdom, psychedelics, our ancestry and much about our special connection with nature –which I believe is undergoing a revival!

Can You Utilize Your Own Body's Ability to Heal to Avoid Prescribed Medication, with Zoe Scanlan

Homeopath is a natural form of healing that utilizes the body’s own healing force. It is a truly holistic approach that can also (and frequently is) combined with traditional Western medicine. Zoe Scanlan is a parent and healer who uses the modality to help herself, her family, and people from all over the world!

You can learn more about Zoe and her work here:




Can You Utilize Your Own Body's Ability to Heal to Avoid Prescribed Medication, with Zoe Scanlan

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Can You Utilize Your Own Body's Ability to Heal to Avoid Prescribed Medication, with Zoe Scanlan

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