Ways Holistic Healing Can Help You Combat Health Challenges and Improve Lifestyle – Interview with Jai Koo-Ven

Ways Holistic Healing Can Help You Combat Health Challenges and Improve Lifestyle - Interview with Jai Koo-Ven

The beauty of holistic health is that it encompasses so many different approaches to things like stress and bad habits. There is no wrong way to approach holistic healing either.

Jai Koo-Ven is an Author, Accredited Holistic Wellness Practitioner & Spiritual Life Coach.  She is the designer of her own Self-Care Stationery Range and owner of her own Crystal Boutique.

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Ways Holistic Healing Can Help You Combat Health Challenges and Improve Lifestyle - Interview with Jai Koo-Ven

What made you get into this field?

From a very young age, I have always been fascinated with Crystals.  I love the colour of them and the way they make you feel connected to nature and boost your mood. I love the variety that you get and that every Crystal tells a story and is unique in its own way.  As I grew older and then had my spiritual awakening, my love of crystals and holistic healing just grew stronger.  Through very traumatic life experiences, I also learned how to heal myself in a holistic way and this is why I chose to have it as my career so that I could help other people too.  

Has holistic healing personally helped you?

Yes, it definitely has and it has been life-changing for me.  I had a Brain Tumour removed when I was 12 and still have a small part of a tumour remaining in my brain.  Therefore, I suffer from Sensory Seizures and before my surgery, I would get around 7 a day.  It has always been my mission to heal myself as naturally as I can with foods and holistic healing modalities such as Meditation, Yoga & Mindfulness. Eight years ago, after 6 months of research, I transitioned to a Vegan Diet.  My seizures at the time were increasing and so, I needed to drastically change my diet and my lifestyle.  Within a month, my seizures went from around 9 a month to only 2 and having a Vegan diet for me has completely changed my life.  I also have many clients that come to me that want to transition to a Vegan diet too because of various digestive issues or health concerns.  

When my daughter was born over 10 years ago, I also suffered from PTSD as she was born very premature and I nearly lost her a few times.  I had also been in hospital for 10 weeks, so when I would go to sleep at night, women were going into labour around me and so when I went to sleep, all I could hear were screams.  I suffered from depression because of this and insomnia and when I went to the doctors, they just wanted me to go on antidepressants.  I tried them for a while and hated them.  In my own experience, they just cushioned the blow of the depression that I was feeling every day.  It did not solve the problem I was having long-term or the emotional pain that I was experiencing. The pills just made me feel numb to the nightmare that I was living in.  Therefore, I made it my mission to holistically heal myself and not to rely on the pills which were just making me numb.  I wanted control over my life and to not feel like they were the remote control of my emotions.   I wanted a cure and in order to do that, I needed to create mindset shifts and lifestyle changes to support me in my healing.  Healing is a slow process and there is ‘no quick fix solution’ which I talk about in my debut book ‘The GLOW Ritual’ – A Modern Woman’s Guide To A Glowing Life Of Wellness.  

How can holistic healing help people?

Everyone wants to be Instafamous, lose weight quickly or cure their depression in 10 minutes of meditation.  I am here to say – life does not work that way!  The quicker you lose the weight, the faster you put it back on.  If you want to change, you have to be willing to challenge your beliefs, your habits and delve deep into the pain that you are feeling and this all requires effort.  You have to break yourself apart in all areas of your life, so you can put yourself back together again.  Piece by piece.  

One antidepressant, one 10-minute meditation or one life coaching session that may cost you thousands of pounds will not transform you.  It is a series of holistic habits and supports on a regular basis that will create change and they all bring their own power to your healing and transformation over time.  It is a lifetime of effort and assessment.  You are always adapting and growing and bad things happen that rock you to your core.  But, when you have the tools at hand to support you, you can always bounce back a lot easier.  You can know how to ride the waves of your emotions and get back on track and refocus.

Holistic healing to me combines a lot of things – crystals, meditation, mindset work, having a vision of what you want to achieve, diet, lifestyle changes and so much more.  So, as much as I love my Crystals, you need to use many Holistic Healing methods to help you stay beautifully balanced at different times in your life.  Crystals are great because they bring beautiful energy into your home and into your life, so as well as doing the other healing work, you can always carry them around with you or have them on your desk when you are working.  They are a comfort when your life may seem overwhelming and they can provide you with that extra support.

What sort of health challenges can holistic healing help with?

Holistic healing can help you in so many ways:

* Improve your lifestyle and habits

* Improve your health and your energy

* Improve your mental health and healing

* Reduce your anxiety and stress levels

* Boost your happiness levels

* Help you refocus on what is important to you

* Help you make time for your self-care 

* Learn the importance of looking after your wellbeing

What has been your favorite aspect of this work?

My favourite aspect of my work is working with my clients, creating new Self-Care Stationery, writing my books and working with magazines.  I love how varied my work is and the transformations that I see in my clients.  I love how creative I can be and how this can bring positive change into people’s lives.

Ways Holistic Healing Can Help You Combat Health Challenges and Improve Lifestyle - Interview with Jai Koo-Ven

What is wellbeing coaching and what does a typical session look like?

I offer two main types of coaching: Wellbeing Coaching through 1:1 sessions and programmes and Business Coaching.

Wellbeing Coaching is amazing for when your life feels very chaotic and you have completely lost your direction.  Your health may be suffering, you may have lost your sense of purpose, hate your job, want to start a business, lack confidence or motivation and just need a helping hand to guide you to a new and positive path.  You may feel like there is no support for you when they’re absolutely is.  It is also amazing for women on their own spiritual journey which at times can feel a very lonely path.  Many of my clients tell me that it is so nice to know that when they have worked with me, they are not judged and feel like they can be completely open about who they are and express their spirituality too.

A typical session will start with an assessment of where you are today and where you want to be.  I am here to guide and support you to reconnect with your life once again, by helping you to slow down, assess your current routines and lifestyle so we can build together the foundations of the life that you want to live.  Then over the 3

After three months of working together, we put plans in place, make lifestyle changes and do a lot of mindset work to rewire your thoughts and habits.  

My Wellbeing Coaching Programmes involve a lot of work and is not designed for women who are not committed to the change that they want to see.  It is a time for you to uplevel in so many different ways and creates the life you want with my support.

My Business Coaching works in a similar way, however, we focus on building your brand and business.

Above everything that my business has to offer, my Wellbeing Coaching is by far the most transformative service that I offer.

What is wellbeing coaching like from the client’s point of view?

From a client’s point of view, Wellbeing or Business Coaching would provide you with somewhere safe where you could go and feel listened to and supported.  You would never feel judged and you would feel like you were not alone on your journey.  Like a parent supporting their child with their first steps,  you would feel guided in the same way.  Sometimes you will be scared or unsure about yourself, but little by little, step by step, I will hold your hand through the process and you are never alone.  Over time, you will gain the confidence you need to stand up tall, gain your independence and reach for everything you ever dreamed of knowing fully well that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

What would you say to someone who is skeptical about holistic healing and its effectiveness? How do  you approach that?

In order to change, you have to make a change and it can sometimes be scary to step into something new.  You never know whether something will work for you unless you try.  I have spent 15 years in an industry that provides transformation to my clients and I would love to help transform your life too.  If you do the same things, you will always get the same results – so take a leap of faith and see how holistic healing and wellbeing coaching can change your life.  If you are uncertain about Wellbeing Coaching to start off with then subscribe to my website for my free weekly wellness newsletter, try out my Self-Care Stationery, order some Crystals or order my book.  This will help to give you the confidence you need to make the right decision for you.

Do you have any universal health and wellbeing tips that you would like to share?

Aromatherapy is one of my favourite holistic healing remedies and I mention it a lot in my book.  You have memories that are linked to certain scents and so using Aromatherapy in your everyday life is really effective at boosting your mood and wellbeing.

I love to use the essential oils in diffusers around my home.

I love :

Jasmine for lifting my mood and helping me relax.

Lavender for balancing, calming and helping with insomnia.

Patchouli to help with stress and anxiety.

Neroli to help relax, refresh and uplift your mood.

Using Crystals as a form of crystal healing is also great for your wellbeing as they promote physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.  The work positively with your body’s energy to help keep you in balance.  

Try using:

Rose Quartz to give you gentle, nurturing and loving energy.

Celesite to give you soothing and calming vibes.

Amethyst to help relieve stress and anxiety.

Black Obsidian to cleanse your energy and protect you from negativity.

If there was one piece of advice that you could give to someone who is struggling, what would it be?

Get the support you need and do not be afraid.  The hardest thing is to keep suffering in silence when there are many people including myself in this world who are available to help and support you through your tough time.  Read books, get support and decide that today is the day that you will step out of your comfort zone and start living the life you want to live.

What resources would you recommend?

I love reading and that is why I also became an author, so it goes without saying that I would also recommend that you read my debut book especially if you are new to holistic healing or look at my Self-Care Stationery to support you.  

So here are some resources that I would recommend to get you started on your wellbeing journey:


THE GLOW RITUAL – A Modern Woman’s Guide To A Glowing Life of Wellness by Jai Koo-Ven (Available now for pre-order)

THE HIGH 5 HABIT – By Mel Robbins

ATOMIC HABITS – By James Clear 



The Secret

The Goop Lab

Brene Brown – A Call To Courage 

Dare To Dream




The Goddess Oracle Deck 

Weekly Wellness & Monthly Manifestation Planners

Wellness Journal

Wellness Writing Pads 

Gratitude Planners

Coaching, Programmes & Memberships

You mentioned your debut book, please tell us more about that.

My step-dad died in 2019 and before he died, I promised him that I would write a book and dedicate it to him.  So, this book for me was a very emotional journey of fulfilling a promise and helping women who need support in their healing.

The GLOW Ritual is a Modern Woman’s Guide To A Glowing Life Of Wellness.  It is an amazing book that will help to demystify what holistic healing actually is, how to bring it into your modern-day life and it also explains the power of rituals.  It takes you on a 31-Day Journey to a Glowing Life Of Wellness and how you can incorporate powerful rituals into your life for your wellbeing.  It covers crystal healing, aromatherapy and various forms of holistic healing and it is now available for pre-order on my website.  It will be launched in January 2022.

The GLOW Ritual is designed to be carried around with you like your own spiritual bible that will give you the support and the words you need to hear exactly when you need them.  If you are new to holistic healing, then this is perfect for you as it is really easy to understand and apply to your life.  If you are feeling lost in any way, then incorporate a ritual into your day to help you refocus and rebalance.

The GLOW Ritual will also be available on Amazon when it has launched and is available on my website.

The GLOW Ritual Book is £10.99

The GLOW Ritual Gift Set is £35 and comes with a Gratitude Planner, Wellness Notebook, Crystals, and much more.

Ways Holistic Healing Can Help You Combat Health Challenges and Improve Lifestyle - Interview with Jai Koo-Ven

If you’ve been trying to combat health issues and haven’t had any luck, it may be time to switch gears. Whether that means introducing yourself to holistic modalities or trying a different modality if you’re already familiar with holistic health.

To learn more about Jai and holistic healing, connect with her here:



Ways Holistic Healing Can Help You Combat Health Challenges and Improve Lifestyle - Interview with Jai Koo-Ven

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Ways Holistic Healing Can Help You Combat Health Challenges and Improve Lifestyle - Interview with Jai Koo-Ven

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