Ways Reiki and Sound Healing Can Help Treat Pain, Stress, and Chronic Conditions with Emily Standley

Ways Reiki and Sound Healing Can Help Treat Pain, Stress, and Chronic Conditions with Emily Standley

Holistic modalities are making their way into western medicine more and more these days. Doctors and nurses are seeing the benefits and power of the mind and body when used in holistic practice, which can allow them to treat the body as a whole before prescribing medication as a last resort.

Emily Standley is a registered nurse who experimented with holistic practices such as Reiki and Sound Healing in order to treat her own condition and was inspired to then share the information with others from a health professional’s perspective. You can learn more about Emily and her work here:




Ways Reiki and Sound Healing Can Help Treat Pain, Stress, and Chronic Conditions with Emily Standley

How Emily got into this work:

I am a Pediatric Nurse by background and have been qualified for almost 15 years. Whilst working in a busy London Children’s Hospital I decided I wanted to work more with people preventing illness, so I went back to University to study Public Health. This then led me to qualify as a Health Visitor where I spent a large part of my career delivering a parenting program to vulnerable young parents, aiming to improve health outcomes. 

I then went on to train in some additional modalities and qualified as a Reiki Master, Sound Healer, and a Child Sleep Consultant. 

Similar to a lot of public sector workers I suffered from burnout, which then had negative consequences on my physical health. I went on a search to find things that would help and was at a point where I would try anything; I was always curious about Reiki but very skeptical. I decided to give it a go. 

After my first session, I left with this feeling of inner calm that I had been so desperately trying to find, I felt this dark fog lift and for the first time I had clarity on life. Consequently, my health also improved. I was amazed by it all and immediately started researching all about Reiki. There’s a growing field of research about the benefits of Reiki and in the US over 800 hospitals provide Reiki to patients.  In the UK we are also starting to provide reiki in more hospitals and have access for patients in the community. 

I had a very clear understanding that this was something that I wanted to provide to people, along with sound healing which also has a growing field of research surrounding it. It was all in line with my wanting to be part of preventing illness and improving health outcomes.

It amazes me how my clients experience such profound shifts whether it be physically, emotionally, or spiritually. I have a feeling of complete joy and alignment when I do this work and it is amazing to fuse my knowledge as a Nurse, with the healing powers of reiki and sound. My favorite aspect of this work is seeing the client’s results, and how their lives improve as a consequence.

What are Reiki and Sound Healing:

Reiki is an ancient energy healing system, re-discovered in the early 20th century by a Japanese scholar, Mikao Usui. “Reiki” is Japanese for “Universal Life Energy,” and is a word used to describe a system of natural healing. There are many variations of Reiki, but in essence, Reiki treatments can help the body physically, emotionally, or spiritually. It is a tradition that is open to any belief system.

Reiki is a form of biofield therapy, which is based on the principle that fields of energy and information surround living systems, and that these fields can be influenced by a practitioner to stimulate healing responses. Most biofield therapies involve an energetic exchange between practitioner and client, which can often be draining for the practitioner. Reiki is different in that the practitioner simply allows the Reiki energy to flow passively through their hands and into the client. Reiki helps to restore the client’s energy to a state of balance on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, thereby enhancing the client’s natural ability to heal and establish natural equilibrium.

Sound healing therapy uses aspects of music to improve physical and emotional health and well-being. By using certain sound frequencies, sound healers can influence brainwaves. This manipulation alters consciousness to help treat physical illnesses,  including insomnia, anxiety, and depression. 

In one of my intuitive healing sessions, I use a combination of sound and reiki healing as they work so well together. We start the session by setting an intention that is meaningful for the person. I then guide the person on a journey using sound. I use Alchemy Crystal Bowls made out of the highest grade Quartz Crystal 99.999% pure, the bowls are also infused with precious gemstones and minerals. Each bowl is one of a kind and has various properties and specific energetic qualities. I also use my Gong, tuning forks, and chimes which help to facilitate deep healing. 

I then will move on to the Reiki component, this can be hand on hands-off dependent on the person’s preference. I can often feel where there are energetic blocks in the energy body of the client. I then use my sound healing instruments in a slightly different way to gently wake up the client. I find the combination of energy and sound healing compliments each other perfectly to allow deep healing. 

Ways Reiki and Sound Healing Can Help Treat Pain, Stress, and Chronic Conditions with Emily Standley

How they are beneficial:

Reiki and Sound Healing are complementary healing modalities that can be used to help many conditions. Studies have found Reiki to be helpful with treating pain, supporting cancer treatment, stress, and physical and psychological health. 

Reiki and Sound Healing are helpful in removing energy blocks in the individual. Living beings have energy fields that support their health and vitality. Energy blocks, on the other hand, impede the innate flow of energy, causing not only health problems but also negative life circumstances like financial troubles or relationship problems, and lack of clarity. 

The intuitive nature of the work, each session is completely unique and whatever that person needs on that day. Sometimes people need the gentle sound of the crystal bowls to gently bring their brain waves down from alpha to a delta or theta state. Sometimes they need something stronger like a gong to achieve a different result. I love having a variety of different techniques and options to suit the individual.

The great thing is all the patient needs to do is lay down and be open to receiving. Patients often describe the session to be blissful, soothing, and relaxing. Sometimes patients see different colors, and visions, or get clarity on life’s issues. Sometimes pain starts to ease.  It’s such a powerful tool.  

Reiki and Sound Healing used to be seen as “woo woo”, but now there is such a largely growing field of research that backs up its effectiveness. 

Emily’s universal wellbeing tips:

You have the power to completely transform your health and wellbeing. 

Pay attention to everything you consume, such as what you watch on the TV,  what you listen to, and what you eat. Everything is made out of energy and has the power to either make you well or create illness. 

Try a Reiki treatment that will connect you to your inner strength and power, and give you clarity. Sometimes we need some help to awaken our inner healer. 

Emily’s resources:

Dr. Joe Dispenza, you are supernatural 

Gabrielle Bernstein The universe has your back and Happy days 

Power of now, and a New Earth Echart Tolle 

Medical Medium books, website 

Ways Reiki and Sound Healing Can Help Treat Pain, Stress, and Chronic Conditions with Emily Standley

Nurses and doctors are beginning to use holistic modalities such as Reiki and Sound Healing in-hospital treatment in order to address issues regarding pain, stress, and even cancer treatment.

Emily Standley is one of these nurses who experienced the benefits of holistic healing and now shares her knowledge with others. You can learn more about Emily and her work here:




Ways Reiki and Sound Healing Can Help Treat Pain, Stress, and Chronic Conditions with Emily Standley

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Ways Reiki and Sound Healing Can Help Treat Pain, Stress, and Chronic Conditions with Emily Standley

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