Ways Using Crystal Energy Helps with Mental and Emotional Blockages with Toni Haig

Ways Using Crystal Energy Helps with Mental and Emotional Blockages with Toni Haig

Crystals are more than just beautiful rocks. They radiate energy and possess powerful healing properties when used correctly. They can connect to the human body and provide mental and emotional healing with this energy. Toni Haig is a crystal healer who owns her own company, Crystals By T, and heals people all over the world through remote work. Learn more about Toni and her work here:





Ways Using Crystal Energy Helps with Mental and Emotional Blockages with Toni Haig

About Toni:

My name is Toni Haig; I’m 26 years old and own the Crystals By T company. 

I’m a Spiritual worker that is dedicated to helping people understand mindfulness and being their true, most enlightened selves. 

I achieve this primarily by educating on and practicing Crystal healing, but also Tarot and Astrology, and I will shine a light on all of this throughout. As well as teaching about leading a Spiritual life, I create art from crystals to invite beautiful energy into people’s homes.

This wasn’t something I sought after; it’s something I’ve always been. Since I can remember, I’ve been gifted with intuition and psychic abilities, although it was a part of me that I kept to myself.

Six years ago, I delved into Astrology and started studying every part of it. I realized just how helpful this practice was to me, and the more I learned, the more I decided I wanted to share this with others. Since then, I’ve taught many people about the code of their life using tools that the Zodiac and the planets bring us. I then stumbled upon crystals, and my company was born.

I work with most of my customers remotely, so I get to know people from all over the world with different backgrounds and personalities; it is a joyous experience. Being able to connect to those people and for them to find me, open up, and let me understand the problems in their life is what gives me great purpose.

They’re usually confused and at a loss; they’ve tried most approaches, so I guide them toward a different lifestyle. I’ve helped many find clarity in their situations using my knowledge, which is very fulfilling.

About crystal healing:

So what exactly is crystal healing?

This is a therapy using gemstones to help with mental and emotional healing and support.

Most, if not all, people have blockages, something that holds them back from living to their fullest potential. These areas can be anything from love, romantic relationships, trust issues, past trauma, career, motivation, self-worth, creativity, family, or friendships. 

I help them discover what these areas are and then use the corresponding crystals that relate to this. Crystals have sacred energy; they radiate frequencies that connect to the human body. With consistent work and patience, the specific crystals can help realign and heal the customer’s problems.

Ways Using Crystal Energy Helps with Mental and Emotional Blockages with Toni Haig

What a session typically looks like:

The person lies in a safe, comfortable space and is lulled into a calm state of mind with meditative words, candles, and incense. The accurate crystals for that person are then placed on their chakra points, which helps to realign their frequency and body molecules and, in turn, heals their energy. This is called vibrational medicine. This requires some prior knowledge, but anyone can learn how to do this and even do it themselves. 

Crystals are primarily beneficial for mental health problems. Struggles with anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, restlessness, anger issues, ADHD, fear, addiction problems, grief, and trauma can all be eased by living a crystal lifestyle. I have faced some of these issues myself, and with consistent sessions and living through spiritual practices, I have now proudly moved on from these obstacles. 

Crystal healing can change your life! You need to have an open mind.

Living a Spiritual life is such an easy burden; it can be so beautiful if you try it. 

If you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked, you have nothing to lose. Crystals can definitely be tried to heal physical health problems, but you should always consult your doctor first.

How to use crystals:

The crystal chakra sessions mentioned above are the most effective way to experience healing in your life. Although, it’s more long-term effective to consistently put this into practice and incorporate this into everyday life.

You can do this by purchasing beautiful crystals and placing them around your home. 

Raw crystals hold the most potent energy, so try to incorporate these. They look amazing as centerpieces, on shelves, next to plants, and on your nightstand. Even making your own sacred altar is very powerful to have in your home.

Incorporating crystals into your everyday life by wearing them as jewelry ensures you carry their power around with you and protects you from negative energy. 

Some people reach out to me after searching for something they’ve never tried, and they can be in a desperate situation. All customers who work with me are delighted with my gifts and skills and feel a weight off their shoulders. I am happy in the knowledge that I do everything in my power to help everyone that seeks out my services.

I encounter skeptics of my beliefs almost every day, which is always interesting.

I do not take it. Personally, they have not opened their Third Eye and become enlightened. I try not to force this upon them, some people are just not ready to make those changes, and that’s fine. But this is a massive part of my life, and I will easily discuss this with people who are interested or question authenticity. 

I put my beliefs across, along with real-life experiences, to back them up.  Most skeptics are then intrigued, some have no interest, and that’s okay.

Toni’s well-being tips:

Crystals are a fantastic tool in your journey, but there are many other ways to heal and live peacefully. Other spiritual tools, such as Tarot, can be incredibly helpful in guiding me and others in difficult situations. I read Tarot every day.

Getting outdoors and seeing nature in all its glory is a powerful drug. I love to be in the forest, barefoot on the grass, seeking out animals, and dancing in the sea. Connecting with nature is so beautiful. Practicing gratitude is also very important. It’s easy to be stuck in a mindset where we want more; we look at what we don’t have when really we have so much. It’s an incredible feeling to appreciate everything we have in our lives.

Do not struggle alone. There is always someone willing to help, whether your partner, friend, or family member. Talking about things works wonders. I also highly recommend getting a journal and starting to write all your thoughts and how you feel. Getting it all out of your system feels liberating. And, of course, try reaching out to a Spiritual worker. You will be amazed at what your mind can achieve once you open it to new possibilities. 


(BOOK) The Stars Within You by Juliana McCarthy

(BOOK) Conscious Dreaming by Robert Moss

(BOOK) Third Eye Awakening by Ella Hughes

(BOOK) Crystal Prescriptions by Judy Hall

Ways Using Crystal Energy Helps with Mental and Emotional Blockages with Toni Haig

Spiritual practices that utilize the healing power of crystals can help address a number of mental and emotional issues like depression and anxiety. Toni Haig can work with people online and help them learn how to incorporate crystals into their healing practice and daily lives.

You can learn more about Toni and her work here:





Ways Using Crystal Energy Helps with Mental and Emotional Blockages with Toni Haig

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Ways Using Crystal Energy Helps with Mental and Emotional Blockages with Toni Haig

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