What is Usui Reiki and How Can it Benefit You? Interview with Sophie Bennett

What is Usui Reiki and How Can it Benefit You? Interview with Sophie Bennett

Everything starts with intention. This is how Sophie Bennett starts her sessions with the people she works with by implementing Usui Reiki into their holistic practice. She does this by asking about her clients’ feelings and any areas of concern that they want to address.

Usui Reiki is a non-invasive healing technique that is a complete mind-body treatment. We interviewed Sophie to learn more about what this modality is and how it can be beneficial to someone who is struggling. Learn more about Sophie and Usui Reiki here:




Sophie’s website is under construction and coming soon!

What is Usui Reiki and How Can it Benefit You? Interview with Sophie Bennett

About Sophie:

In March 2020 I intuitively had a message to try Reiki. Prior to Reiki, I had years of talk therapy which really helped me to understand my thoughts & feelings but, for myself, I felt like I had spoken about all my problems for far too long. And, for me to continue to speak about them I felt as if I was self-inflicting pain by reliving the past that I wanted to heal from. I was not just experiencing memories, I also had physical aches & pains, food intolerances, and I felt up & down with an unexplained mood even when my physical reality was good. So, in saying all this, I knew my symptoms were all stuck in the energy that lived inside me. When I googled Reiki, I found out the healing helped to release negative energy and I knew I was the next step in my healing journey.

My favorite part of being a Reiki Practitioner is connecting with other people and to share this beautiful healing experience with those who need it. I help others to understand what their mind-body-spirit symptoms & conditions are and to explain that these are just messengers to indicate an issue and how we must listen to these to truly heal or overcome what is holding us back from achieving.

Everyone is so different and unique in every single way, no client is the same in any way so, each session requires a new level of conscious thinking to heal & clear a particular area that needs attention. For myself, Reiki client sessions are always an opportunity to learn, grow and expand in my personal, spiritual, and in my career development. My clients are often a reflection or might be a future state, and once we heal them, we heal ourselves too. My message is always to heal together.  

What is Usui Reiki and how is it effective?

The Buddhist & spiritual professor Mikao Usui in 1920 developed Reiki in Japan after he experienced a spiritual awakening. Usui began to teach others Reiki and progress into Reiki clients, and his lineage has been practiced ever since.

Usui Reiki focuses on healing/restoring the energy centers aka Chakras in the mind-body & spirit. Each chakra contains thoughts, feelings, injuries that we have not processed/healed. When my client arrives at my session, I will begin by asking my client how they are and if they want to raise any concerns, if known.  I ask my client to lie down on the massage table, accompanied by a pillow & a blanket. If the client is new to reiki, I will explain to them that they may feel sensations the common ones are tingling, heat, cold, or dull aches. This is all a part of the healing process.

I will start Reiki at the top of the client’s head (crown chakra) and all the way down to their feet (root chakra). I will either place my hands on or above the client, you do not need to physically touch the client only if I will that area needs more healing. The same process applies during a distance reiki session but the client will receive the healing from their home/chosen place.

Reiki can be used to treat any health symptom or condition. From my experience with my clients, I have used Reiki to relieve one’s anxiety, depression, digestive issues, backaches, headaches, emotional trauma, morning sickness, confidence/self-doubt, and insomnia.

Recently, unknown to me prior to the session, I treated a person with Sjogren’s, a complex autoimmune disease. The client said the disease affects their moisture glands. And, during the session, the client could feel saliva and other moisture move around her system. It was a profound experience, and I was so grateful to give them the healing. Reiki simply strengthens the immune system & promotes circulation in the mind & body which allows blood to flow to each vital organ in our system. When energy is flowing, we are healthy and able to live our lives but, when energy has become stuck, we face negative impacts on our mental, physical, and spiritual selves. 

Usui Reiki for overall healing and well-being:

Reiki energy healing supports one’s well-being by strengthening the immune system & promotes circulation in the mind & body which allows blood to flow to each vital organ in our system. If circulation becomes stagnant, we will experience mental & physical inflammation. Inflammation can present itself as intolerances, diseases, skin disorders, negative behavior, stress, anxiety, and depression of all kinds. When stuck energy has been released, over time you will be able to live the life you deserve without carrying any limiting beliefs, behaviors, and symptoms. A Reiki practice can be easily adapted and incorporated into one’s daily and nightly routine. If you wake up doing a reiki/meditation practice you welcome a clear mind & body you will be able to be the best version of yourself and have a productive day in a content mood and for the evening, to release all worries & stresses from the day are always great ways to release what does not serve you. 

Usui Reiki from the patient’s point of view:

The most beneficial technique I use is intention. Once my client is relaxed on the massage bed/in their home, I ask them to set an intention for themselves. Usually, when people come for a Reiki session they have a lot of stress, health symptoms, or conditions. I find that setting an intention with the reiki energy allows one to really release what is making them vibrate low/causing their symptoms. Or intentions can be created for one to experience positive connections to their mind-body, universe, new habits, thoughts, and so on. Intentions are very personal.

There are mixed views on Usui Reiki with my clients. Some clients who are conscious understand the process and others who are new to energy healing do not understand the process and do not know ‘where the energy comes from. Even though there is some uncertainty about the energy, all my clients have the same belief about the reiki session. My clients explain to me that Reiki energy literally makes them still and present in their bodies like no other treatment they have experienced before. They feel sensations they may not have felt before or amplify those that cause them harm. But reiki literally gently moves these stuck energies around and one will feel so relaxed & at peace in themselves. Any stresses will be released during or after a session. 

What is Usui Reiki and How Can it Benefit You? Interview with Sophie Bennett

Sophie’s thoughts on skepticism:

Eastern medicine/Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the oldest medicine in the world, founded in the 3rd-century BCE. We should not be close-minded or think complementary therapies aren’t ‘real’ when they have been used longer than modern medicine.

In Eastern societies therapies such as Reiki, TCM, Acupuncture, etc are used to treat any type of illness or symptom. Whereas in Western society these types of therapies are called ‘complementary’ and are used alongside conventional medicine.

There is nothing to ‘believe’ because reiki is just energy. Energy is all around us. It is science. Scientists have taught us that everything is made up of atoms and every atom has a vibration, including us humans. The human aura has an energy field that surrounds our physical body & extends outwards. From day to day our vibration changes depending on our mental, emotional, and physical state.

When we vibrate high, we are unwell and when we vibrate low, we are unwell. Reiki strengthens the immune system to start the healing process inside the body. Reiki can be hard to understand for some people which is why I and my clients recommend people to just ‘try it’. The experience will give you your answer.

Sophie’s universal health and wellbeing tips:

Journal – Helps to release and process thoughts and memories that you are unable to process + a great way of setting & achieving goals.

Diet – I removed gluten, dairy, and sugar entirely from my diet. As I did not realize the consequence of consuming these. I was causing a detrimental amount of inflammation in my mind-body. I was experiencing aches & pains without realizing my addictions to these food groups. If your food is causing you symptoms, it is time to stop consuming. Focus on low-inflammatory foods/herbs/spices and whole foods. Your gut is your second mind, if you fill it with goodness you will feel happier and if you fill it with negativity you will remain unhappy.

Gratitude – Daily & nightly gratitude will change your mindset and make you grateful for what you have. Once you are grateful for your blessings and you receive even more abundance in your life.

Meditation – When we become still and ‘tap’ into our mind-body we create neural pathways in the brain which relieve and release stress. When we remove stress, we move up our level of consciousness and we can connect to our highest selves. When we are our highest self, we can live the life we want, free from negativity.

Sophie’s closing thoughts:

Acknowledge and accept that you need help in what is causing you mental or physical stress.

I know it seems very scary to get professional help but, remember everyone at some point in their life will experience health issues and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about.

I would recommend journaling the events/feelings/memories you remember that have caused your current pain. I know it is a hard process to relive what happened to you but, the positive is that by highlighting your emotions you will pinpoint what type of treatment you will need to improve your well-being.

When looking for a doctor/practitioner/specialist please trust your intuition. Your first therapy session may not be life-changing but you must not give up! Keep pushing! You will find your peace one day I promise.

Sophie’s recommendations:


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Reinventing your life: The breakthrough program to end negative behavior and feel great again – Jeffery E. Young 

What is Usui Reiki and How Can it Benefit You? Interview with Sophie Bennett

Usui Reiki is a whole mind and body treatment that can be used for a variety of ailments. It all starts with an open mind and an ability to tap into your energy with the help of a practitioner.

Sophie Bennett is helping guide people through this modality of healing. Learn more about Sophie and Usui Reiki here:




Sophie’s website is under construction and coming soon!

What is Usui Reiki and How Can it Benefit You? Interview with Sophie Bennett

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What is Usui Reiki and How Can it Benefit You? Interview with Sophie Bennett

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